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An accessory dwelling unit is a secondary home built on a lot that a primary residence already occupies. Also known as an ADU or a granny flat, an accessory dwelling unit can make any property more comfortable, versatile, and profitable. Talk to ADU contractors in Cardiff today to take advantage of those benefits.

Several laws govern the construction and usage of ADUs, but they are still accessible to many homeowners. So if you want to build an ADU on your property, chances are you can push through with your plans. Learn more about the things you must consider before building an ADU by continuing with the rest of this article.

What to Consider When Planning for Your ADU

Planning for an ADU is significantly easier than putting plans together for your new home. That said, there are still numerous things you must settle ahead of time if you want construction to go smoothly. Let’s discuss those crucial considerations below.

ADU Laws in Your Area

Before you start daydreaming about the wonders a granny flat can do for your property, you should first confirm that you can build it. Unfortunately, local laws handle ADUs differently, so there is no guarantee that you can construct the exact unit you have in mind.

If you are a Cardiff resident, you will be glad to know that ADUs are allowed in your area. Recently passed laws have even relaxed the laws regarding ADUs. We will get more into the specifics of San Diego County’s ADU laws a bit later in this article, but we can tell you that they likely will not derail your plans.

The Purpose of Your ADU

Next, determine why you want to build an accessory dwelling unit. Pinning down the purpose of your ADU is important because it will guide the construction process.

  • Do you want a more functional pool house to accommodate guests better when you are hosting parties?
  • Are you planning to offer the ADU to elderly relatives so they can live closer to your family?
  • Is the ADU supposed to be a supplemental source of income?

Regardless of why you are building the ADU, you must identify it early on so you can design and build the unit accordingly. Of course, renovating the unit later is an option, but avoiding the additional expenses associated with that would still be best.

Your Property’s Layout

Another thing you must consider before building an accessory dwelling unit is your property’s layout. Do you have a spot ready for your ADU? If a spot seems available, could there be any supply lines that could prohibit construction there?

You should also consider the positioning of the ADU to your primary residence. Keeping the ADU a fair distance from your primary residence may be important if you are planning to open it up to tenants. Making the granny flat easily accessible is also important. Position it so residents can get in and out of it without issue.

Your Building Partners

Your ADU building project’s success will largely depend on the home addition contractors you choose to hire. Put your project in reputable ADU builders’ hands to be handled well. Hiring

View our portfolio to see some examples of ADUs our contractors have built.

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Encinitas ADU

Common Types of ADUs and How to Choose the One for You

There is one more thing you must consider before building an ADU. The consideration in question is the type of ADU you wish to build. Select the type of ADU you want to see on your Cardiff property after going through the options below.
Interior ADUs – The first type of accessory dwelling unit you can build is known as an interior ADU. Interior ADUs are made by turning unused spaces into living areas. Common examples of areas that become interior ADUs are attics and basements.

Basements ADUs work well for rental purposes because keeping them separate from the main residence is easy. You can place a lock on the interior door leading to the basement so only the ADU’s residents will have easy access to it. If you were not using your basement, turning it into an ADU and renting it out to a tenant should not disrupt your household at all.

Attached ADUs – Attached ADUs, as you have probably guessed from their name, are the secondary dwellings attached to the main property. You can build an attached ADU completely from scratch. That may even be ideal if you are building the attached ADU to house your elderly relatives. By having the ADU attached to your residence, you can keep a close watch over your older relatives while still giving them privacy.

An attached ADU can also be converting an unused garage.

Detached ADUs – If you are talking to ADU contractors in Cardiff because you are interested in making extra money, then you should take a closer look at detached ADUs. A DADU is a freestanding structure that is on a property occupied by a primary dwelling.

Many tenants prioritize DADUs during their search because they value the independence they provide. You and your tenants can minimize contact with each other so everyone can enjoy their preferred level of privacy.

Unlike interior or attached ADUs, the maximum size limit for a DADU is not dependent on the primary residence. For example, the maximum square footage allowed for a DADU in San Diego County is 1,200 square feet, and the size of the primary residence does not affect that limit.

Junior ADUs – Cardiff-by-the-Sea homeowners can also build junior accessory dwelling units. The maximum size for a JADU is 500 square feet. The unit in question must also either be inside or attached to it. JADUs cannot be freestanding structures. Building a JADU is worth considering despite being smaller because it is often cheaper than an accessory dwelling unit. In addition, if you want to offer a comfortable living space to a friend or relative, a JADU could be exactly what you need.

Converting Your Garage into an ADU

We discussed the idea of turning your garage into an ADU earlier in this article. So, could that work for you as well?
There is a definite downside to a garage conversion because you are losing the space allotted for your car. Then again, there are benefits you must consider as well.

For example, garage conversions can be completed faster because the space is already there, and you may only need to add a few features. You can also save money by converting your garage because the necessary material expenses have been significantly reduced.

Your Cardiff-by-the-Sea home contractors can work on that project without disrupting your primary residence. Because of that, you can keep a close eye on the project. A converted garage will also work well no matter what purpose you have in mind for it. Even tenants should have no issue staying in your converted garage as long as it is well-made.

Guest House vs. ADU: What Is the Difference?

While pondering the possibility of building an ADU on your property, you might have wondered about constructing a guest house as well. You may even wonder if those structures are any different. It is important to note that accessory dwelling units and guest houses differ.

If you are building a guest house, you do not need to worry about outfitting it with a kitchen. A guest house is not allowed to feature that particular amenity. Also, you cannot put up your guest house for a long-term rental. You may be allowed to make your guest house available for a vacation rental, but that is it.

There are clear differences between the purposes that ADUs and guest houses can serve. Consult with contractors beforehand to make sure you choose the right structure to build on your Cardiff property.

ADU Laws in California: What You Need to Know

Working with experienced ADU builders is highly recommended because they know San Diego’s rules and regulations.
Projects like these typically require permits. Aside from the building permit, you may need additional permits depending on the specific location of your property.

Do not let those permits discourage you from pursuing this type of project. Your contractors can secure those permits and get the project moving in the right direction faster. On top of that, recently passed California laws (AB-68 and SB-13) are making it easier for residents to build accessory dwelling units.

Residents now have the option to develop an ADU at the same time as their main residence. Applications for building ADUs must also be approved within sixty days. Those changes will allow Cardiff residents to get their accessory structures ready faster than before.

ADUs and JADUs can also be constructed without prior approval as long as they are spaces providing setbacks and direct outside access. Even a detached ADU can be constructed without approval if it is smaller than 800 square feet and no taller than 16 feet. The detached ADU must also have 4-foot setbacks at its rear and sides.

Building ADUs is easier than it has ever been for San Diego residents. Get in touch with ECO Minded Solutions today so you can get started on building those units.

Calculating the Costs of Building an ADU

The main factors that will affect the cost of your ADU include its design, the materials you want to use, labor expenses, and the fees associated with securing the building permits. Starting with the design, you can keep your costs under control by going with a JADU or a relatively small interior ADU. Those units may cost you around $60,000 to $70,000. Full-size detached ADUs typically cost closer to $200,000.

Around half of your budget may be acquiring the materials you need for the ADU. That is especially likely to happen if you need to lay a foundation for a detached structure. Devoting only about 30% of your budget to labor expenses is possible if you work with the right people. Hiring design-and-build contractors make sense if you want to reduce expenses.

By partnering with design-and-build contractors, you can eliminate the need to bring in an architect and other specialists, which will translate to savings.

Building permits for ADUs often cost around $1,000 to $2,000. Hopefully, you will not need to secure those permits for your project to reduce your expenses further.

Award-Winning Cardiff ADU Builders

Our San Diego custom home builders specialize in ADUs and utilize green building practices to complete our projects. Whether we are building a new home or an ADU, we are always mindful of maximizing its efficiency. Our signature approach to building has proven to be a hit with Cardiff residents. Contact us today if you wish to try our home and ADU building services!

Some of the locations our San Diego ADU contractors serve include: Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and more. For additional information on ADUs see our expert blog on what is an accessory dwelling unit?

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