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While coming up with ways to tap into your property’s full potential, you should set aside time to speak to Carlsbad ADU contractors. They can tell you about ADUs and how they can be terrific additions to your property.

ADU Basics: Everything You Need to Know

An ADU is also known as an accessory dwelling unit. It also goes by other names such as accessory apartment, carriage house, granny flat, or in-law suite. For a structure to qualify as an ADU, it must be built on a property that already has a primary residence. If you are building an ADU in Carlsbad, you must remember that you cannot sell it separately from the main dwelling.

Unlike home additions such as bump-outs, accessory dwelling units do more than provide extra space. These ADUs are independent structures. An ADU must have an entrance separate from the primary residence and its own facilities that support independent living.

There are also other rules and regulations regarding the construction and occupancy of accessory dwelling units. The design build contractors at our home building company will get to those a bit later in this article.

What Are the Different Kinds of ADUs?

If you are seriously considering building an accessory dwelling unit, you must first decide what kind you want to build. There are four different types of accessory dwelling units. Let’s discuss those ADU variants in greater detail below.

Interior ADUs

The first type of ADU you can build is an interior unit. It is known as such because the unit itself is inside the main residential property. You can make an interior ADU by converting a non-living space into an area suitable for accommodating people. The non-living space in question could be an unused basement or an attic that has remained untouched for years. You can also convert a spare living space, like a guest bedroom, into a full-fledged ADU.

Remember that even an interior ADU should still have its own entrance and living facilities. For example, putting some pieces of furniture into an unused room does not qualify as an ADU conversion.

Attached ADUs

Next up, we have the attached ADUs. As its name implies, an attached ADU is an accessory structure connected to the main residence. A homeowner can build an attached ADU completely from scratch. They can also convert an existing space into an attached ADU. If you have an attached garage that has gone unused for a long time, turning that into a granny flat may be worth your time and money.

An attached ADU can also be on top of an already existing structure. For example, if you build the unit on top of an attached garage, it will still be an attached ADU.

Detached ADUs

The third type of accessory dwelling unit you can build on your Carlsbad property is a detached ADU. As you have probably guessed, a detached ADU is a completely stand-alone structure. Building a detached ADU completely from scratch is not always necessary. After making some necessary upgrades, you can still turn a detached garage or shed into an accessory dwelling unit.

A detached ADU is arguably the best type to build for certain purposes. The privacy it provides is a selling point for many.

Junior ADUs

We also have the junior ADUs. Junior ADUs are significantly smaller than the other types we have already detailed here. A junior ADU must be either inside the primary residence or attached to it. You cannot build a junior ADU detached from the main residence. Although it is smaller, a junior ADU should still have its own entrance and kitchen. It may share a bathroom with the primary residence or an attached ADU.

Talk to our Carlsbad home addition contractors if you are interested in building a JADU.

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View our portfolio to see some examples of ADUs our contractors have built.

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Garage to ADU Conversions

In the previous section of this article, we mentioned that converting a garage is one way to build an accessory dwelling unit. But why should you consider that option? For starters, turning your garage into an ADU makes sense because it simplifies the process. However, the process of clearing your project with the local government can be time-consuming. You will also need to submit numerous requirements before you can start building, making the process quite tedious.

Putting in all that time and effort for your ADU is worth it, but you may not have that to spare, given your current circumstances. Therefore, going with a garage conversion in that scenario warrants serious consideration if you want your ADU completed as soon as possible.

You should also consider a garage conversion if you do not have a ton of space open on your Carlsbad property. A significant portion of your lot may already be devoted to a garden or a swimming pool. Instead of making your lot extra crowded, you can convert the garage you have not used into an ADU.

Homeowners who want to save money on improvements should also look into using the garage for ADU conversions. The base structure is already there, saving you quite a bit of money. Although we are highlighting some of the practical reasons you should consider a garage to ADU conversion, do not assume that this is the kind of task you can handle by yourself. There is still a lot of work that must go into properly converting that old structure. Make sure you still work with reputable ADU builders even if you have settled on converting your garage.

Why Should I Consider an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Should you build an ADU on your Carlsbad property? Right now, you may be struggling to see the benefits of moving forward with that construction project. The key benefits are detailed below if you want to learn more about the case for building an ADU.

Provide Comfortable Accommodations for Your Elderly Relatives

After your parents or grandparents reach a certain age, they may start to experience greater troubles living independently. That is especially likely to be the case if they recently had an accident or if they are experiencing the effects of an illness. Assisted living facilities can accommodate seniors fine, but your parents or grandparents may prefer sticking close to family.

Building an accessory apartment can resolve that problem. Welcome your elderly relatives into your ADU and give them the comfortable living quarters they need. Consult with ADU contractors in Carlsbad to build a structure that suits your older relatives.

Use the ADU as a Guest Room

Do you like hosting large parties during the holidays? Many folks enjoy that but worry about inviting relatives from out of town. After all, asking them to travel and spend on a hotel room can be a bit much for a one-night party. You can eliminate that concern by building an ADU.

Use your new ADU as a guest room, so your relatives from out of town do not need to worry about booking a hotel in advance. You can even have them stay for multiple days so they enjoy the holidays even more.

Make the ADU Available for Rent

Building an ADU appeals to many homeowners because it allows them to make extra money. However, once the unit is ready, you can put it up for rent and go with the tenant who comes forward with the best offer. Chances are you will have some good offers to choose from since rental properties in San Diego County are typically in high demand.

If you are planning to rent the ADU out to a tenant, you should probably go with a detached structure. Tenants are more likely to be interested in your ADU if it is established separately from your residence. Work closely with ADU contractors in Carlsbad to create a structure that will spark a bidding war among potential tenants.

Utilize the ADU as Your Home Office

You do not need to build an ADU to accommodate other people. However, if you want to build a carriage house on your property for yourself, feel free to do so. Many of us have the opportunity to work from home. You may like the idea yourself but feel that you would not be as productive as you can be with your current setup. Work on changing that by building an ADU.

Specifically, design the ADU so it can serve as your home office. Then, when your shift begins every morning, you can head there and focus on your work. Even if you use the ADU for yourself, it can still benefit your entire household.

Boost Your Property’s Value by Building an ADU

Lastly, you should consider building an ADU because it will boost your property’s value. You cannot sell an ADU by itself, but you can still sell it together with the main residence. Buyers may take a greater interest in your property since they know they can profit from the included ADU. Selling will also be easier since the ADU can generate more interest in your property.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an ADU in Carlsbad?

After learning about the benefits provided by accessory dwelling units, you may already be fully onboard with the idea of building one. So, how much will you likely spend on that project? If you are building your new ADU in Carlsbad, you should expect the project to cost around $300,000.

Also, $20,000 of that projected budget will go toward building permits. Depending on where you specifically live inside Carlsbad, you may spend a bit more or less. You should reserve the rest of the money for your preferred construction materials and building partners. Save some more money on your labor expenses by working with design-and-build ADU contractors in Carlsbad.

You will save more by hiring design and build contractors because they prevent cost growth. They excel at finishing projects on time, so you will not pay more than you initially planned.

Permits and California ADU Laws

Before you can start constructing an ADU on your Carlsbad property, you must first secure the necessary permits. Obtaining the permits should not be that difficult if you follow the set requirements. In San Diego County, detached ADUs can be no bigger than 1,200 sq. ft. If you are building an attached ADU, the structure in question can only be half as big as the primary residence. The attached ADU is also limited to a maximum size of 1,200 sq. ft. The maximum size for a JADU in San Diego County is 500 sq. ft.

Notably, some recent California laws have changed how you can handle ADUs in the state. For example, thanks to AB-68 and SB-13, homeowners should now have an easier time building those structures. With those laws in effect, a homeowner can develop an ADU simultaneously as their main residence. ADU applications must also get approved within 60 days of their submission.

Interior ADUs also no longer need to be approved as long as they offer exterior access and have setbacks to protect against fires. Even detached ADUs will be approved automatically if they are no taller than 16 feet and have 4-foot setbacks along their rear and sides. The detached ADU must also be no bigger than 800 sq. ft.

Serving Carlsbad

Many see Carlsbad as a small California town, but you would not guess that from the town’s number of notable attractions. The LEGOLAND California Resort is one of the city’s main attractions to schedule a trip there with your family during the summer. However, if your idea of a great summer outing involves more sand and water, you can visit the gorgeous beaches in the area.

You do not need to wait until the summer to start having fun in Carlsbad. Head to The Crossings at Carlsbad, the Aviara Golf Club, or the Omni La Costa Golf Courses if you want to have a good time with your friends. The job market in Carlsbad is also promising. Therefore, great opportunities are available if you decide to move there.

ADU Builders in Carlsbad

Our San Diego design build firm has been building homes and ADUs in and around San Diego County for a long time. No one knows this area as well as we do, and we will use our knowledge to maximize the potential of your Carlsbad property. Our green building expertise should also prove helpful if you wish to build an eco-friendly home or ADU. Contact us today so we can start collaborating on your next building project!

Some of the locations our San Diego ADU contractors serve include: Encinitas, Cardiff, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad and more. For additional information on ADUs see our expert blog on what is an accessory dwelling unit?

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