If you’re ready to take the big step on your home remodel, but your landscape is going on the backburner or vice versa, consider this question:

How much more convenient would it be to remodel both projects all at once?

In this article, find out why it’s strategic to plan your whole home remodeling at the same time as your landscape architecture and design.

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After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly. The crew was always on time and often worked longer than expected to keep the project on track. Loving our newly remodeled home and would highly recommend Eco Minded!

Top Reasons for Home and Landscape Renovations

Think about the reasons that you wanted to do the renovations in the first place.

Source: Houzz & Home Overview of U.S. Renovation, Custom Building & Decorating in 2014

What is most important to you? Maximizing the value of your investment, saving on time, or creating greater functionality?

Notice how the following triggers for starting a remodel (Source: Houzz,U.S. Renovation 2014) mirror the benefits of consolidating renovation projects.


Top “Triggers” for Homeowners to Remodel:

  • Time – Homeowners finally found the time to do it!
  • Money – It was on their minds, but they needed to save enough money.
  • Customization or Functionality – They need to customize the home to their family’s needs.

Benefits of Simultaneous Home and Landscape Remodel

Review more details below about the advantages of combining renovation projects for indoor and outdoor.

We know you’re excited to get your hands dirty and get this renovation completed, but take your time to really make this project count!

Benefits of Consolidating Renovation Projects:

  • Saving Time – Reduce total construction time.
  • Saving Money – Reduce redundant construction resources.
  • Uniformity of Custom Designs & Materials – Using the same company for all projects creates uniformity of materials and style.
  • Reducing Energy and Water Consumption – Irrigation and energy-efficient upgrades are more effective when considering the entire property.
  • Increasing Return on Investment (ROI) – Most homeowners take this most common benefit for granted because it comes naturally with a renovation.

Conserve Resources and Money

Reaching a financial landmark is the most common reason that long-time homeowners are seeking to redesign their homes and landscapes. Make sure that you don’t lose the economy of this investment by trying to piece it off.

Combining projects help your project managers to have a bigger perspective on strategies for eco-friendly landscape construction techniques as well as costly construction and contractor resources.

This means that instead of repeating large labor intensive tasks like moving earth or excavating, it can be done all at once for both indoor and outdoor design.

Design at the Same Time to Save Time

If you are remodeling now because you have alway had the money, but you have just recently made the time, then there will be the largest incentive for you to complete all of your planned projects at once.

After going through a renovation project, much like during a move, it will take a lot of effort to start up again at a later time.

There are some homeowners who plan to do several renovations over the course of several months or even years, but it’s kind of a drag.

From a construction resource standpoint, it’s going to create a lot more hassle if your living space is constantly under construction.

Imagine this: you already have the momentum going due to the materials, workers, and other construction-related fixtures erected outside your home. After all is finished, the people and materials are removed and you feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Return to Your Normal Routine ASAP

It’s typical for there to be some temporary displacement for home or landscape construction to take place, especially when renovating the inside of the home.

Reduce the total amount of time away from your normal routine, by combining all of your projects into one timeframe.

When you reduce the total construction time, there will be a greater sense of gratification and accomplishment when all is said and done.

Planning for Custom Functionality and Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re ready to amp up your “smart” home technology, reduce energy and water consumption, or you plan to “grow old in place,” simultaneous renovations will increase the function of the entire property.

Some joint upgrades may include strategizing for water irrigation systems from house to yard and installing electrical or plumbing infrastructure.

Also, plan ahead and speak with your project manager about these important issues, such as how you can use sustainable luxury home remodeling tactics throughout your property.

You may be surprised how many options there are to increase energy efficiency in your custom design.

Uniformity of Home and Landscape Design for ROI

Keeping continuity of your home and landscape design should not be overlooked when considering a home and landscape remodel. By using the same design and build company you are guaranteed to increase the return on investment and curb appeal of your property.

Only some companies can be your one-stop-shop for both home and landscape design. If you hire separate companies for separate projects it’s unlikely that the design, colors, or materials will be as consistent.

Also, a company that focuses only on home remodeling may not have the insight of a landscape architect and vice versa.

Do your best to avoid making a mistake that can reduce the value of a remodel or cause more work down the road.


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