When it comes to designing your landscape architecture, it’s important for the outdoor living space to meet the needs of your entire family. This ensures the backyard is functional for the adults to relax in, safe for the children to play in, and easy to maintain so you can spend more time together. Here are the features you might include when building an outdoor living space for the whole family.

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Property Boundaries

Whether in the form of a wood fence, brick wall, or hedgerow, you may find it important to create a boundary around your property if you don’t already have one. This encloses your yard to eliminate the fear of children or pets wandering where they shouldn’t. It also improves privacy if you want to enjoy time outside without onlookers peering in.

Artificial Turf

Pet owners and parents of young children, you have an important decision to make: will you put in grass to create a soft play surface, xeriscaping to lower your water bill, or a hardscape for minimal maintenance? It can be a tough call.

If you want a place in your yard for the kids to play without the high maintenance or water requirements of grass, artificial turf may be the perfect compromise. This provides a soft surface, but it doesn’t get muddy when it rains, turn yellow when it’s dry, or grow to an unmanageable length when you’re out of town. Because of these benefits, you might consider using artificial turf for at least a portion of your back yard.

Shaded Play Areas

San Diego is known for having perfect weather, but it’s still nice to provide a shaded spot in the yard for your kids to play. Tall trees or structures provide the shade you need. Then, you can fill the play area with whatever suits the ages and tastes of your children.

Young kids may want a sandbox while older children might prefer play equipment with swings, slides, and monkey bars. Those who love tabletop games might enjoy a hardscaped surface where they can play oversized Yahtzee or tic-tac-toe with giant painted blocks. Get creative and instill a love of the outdoors in your children.

Covered Outdoor Room

While the kids play, the adults need a comfortable place to relax outside as well. A sheltered outdoor area with upholstered furniture fits the bill. This allows you to enjoy indoor comforts like a fireplace, sofa, and TV in a room that’s open to the Southern California breezes. For an especially relaxing retreat, consider hanging a hammock or porch swing in this covered area as well.

Child-Safe Plants

You may want to soften the corners of your yard with shrubs and flowers, but make sure the plants you pick are safe for children. For instance, you’ll want to avoid thorny rose bushes, spiny cactuses, prickly holly plants, and toxic daffodils. We’ll help you select safe plants native to Southern California to include in your family-friendly landscape.

Vegetable or Herb Garden

Our climate is perfect for growing your own produce or herbs. Not only does this make your meals taste fresh and flavorful, but gardening is great for self-sufficiency as well. Get your kids involved in planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting to encourage them to eat healthier.

Pool or Hot Tub

Putting in a pool or hot tub instantly turns your back yard into a kid magnet. These additions become the focal point of the entire property and the gathering place for friends and family when they visit.

Of course, for safety reasons, it’s important to install an enclosure around the water feature so unsupervised children don’t get hurt. An elegant wrought iron railing or fancy picket fence provides safety without detracting from your yard’s beauty.

If your San Diego landscape could use some family-friendly adjustments, contact us online for landscaping services!

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