Hardscape Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Any Space

Posted On: May 24, 2022

Setting up hardscape lighting can be tricky if you have plenty of space to cover. With indoor lighting, you can put a fixture in each room and be done with it. The lack of boundaries in your outdoor space prevents you from implementing that same approach. Illuminating your hardscape is crucial if you intend to…

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A Comprehensive Kitchen Island Lighting Guide

Posted On: May 21, 2022

Kitchen islands can serve as additional workstations or dining spots inside your home. Or at least they could serve in those capacities if you have set up adequate kitchen island lighting. Proper lighting is essential inside the kitchen. You do not want to fumble around with sharp objects nearby. Relying on established light fixtures may…

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Modern Patio Design Ideas to Add the WOW Factor

Posted On: May 20, 2022

To update your home design, you need to look beyond the four walls surrounding you. Your outdoor landscape could also benefit from a makeover so consider looking into modern patio design ideas. Improving your landscape can help you unlock the full potential of your property. It is an investment well worth making, and you can…

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How to Modernize Your Home

Posted On: April 26, 2022

A home that features the latest design trends is sure to be a hit in the real estate market. However, you may not be aware of how to modernize your home. Buyers may pass over your property in favor of other homes that are on the cutting edge of modern design. Even if you have…

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Retaining Wall Ideas for a Sloped Backyard

Posted On: April 21, 2022

Retaining walls can be useful additions to your outdoor landscape. If you have a sloped backyard, building a retaining wall may even be a necessity. Without it, certain portions of your yard may be inaccessible or unusable. We value retaining walls for their utility, but that does not prohibit them from adding some oomph to…

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What to Consider for Your Media Room

Posted On: April 15, 2022

Investing in a home entertainment system is a good idea. Placing that entertainment system inside a media room is well worth your time and money as well. Still, you may have some questions about how well a media room could fit inside your home. If not that, you may be wondering how you should even…

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Why You Should Use Sustainable Building Materials

Posted On: April 14, 2022

For many of us, the things we think about the most before moving forward with any construction project include cost, practicality, and long-term value. However, we are now at a point where we need to prioritize sustainable building materials for those projects. It is not enough to only look for the “best” materials on the…

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What is the Average Master Bedroom Size?

Posted On: March 28, 2022

The master bedroom is your sanctuary, and you should have it designed so that it never compromises your comfort. To accomplish that goal, you must know the appropriate master bedroom size. If you have not given much thought to that aspect of your new bedroom, it is time to change that. The last thing you…

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The Perfect Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room Design

Posted On: March 25, 2022

Even though the size of your home seemed sufficient once upon a time, which may no longer be the case because of your growing family. That could serve as motivation for you to push through with that open concept kitchen you have always wanted. You may even decide that the time is right to open…

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Defining Modern Architecture

Posted On: March 23, 2022

The term “modern architecture” is often used in the housing industry. You will often hear realtors use the term to generate interest around properties they are trying to move. They may use it as a buzzword so people will check out their listings. You may have an idea of what modern architecture is, but you…

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