Sustainable living practices extend beyond the walls of your home to your outdoor living space, where an eco-friendly landscape can help save you time, money, and valuable natural resources. The goal of a sustainable landscape is to minimize water usage, as well as wear and tear on the pre-existing natural environment. It’s never too late to implement eco-friendly strategies into your existing landscape or to incorporate them in to your new landscape design; here are some tips to help you get started.

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After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly. The crew was always on time and often worked longer than expected to keep the project on track. Loving our newly remodeled home and would highly recommend Eco Minded!

What Is Eco-Friendly Landscaping?

Green, sustainable, or eco-friendly landscaping is defined as the practice of creating and maintaining a section of land in a way that conserves energy and natural resources with minimal impact on the environment. More traditional methods of landscaping require significant upkeep in order to keep the soil and plants hydrated, fertilized, and free from pests. Since eco-friendly landscaping works with the environment rather than against it, labor, water, pesticide, and energy usage are all reduced.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Ideas and Features in San Diego

Create an eco-friendly landscape for your San Diego area home by implementing the following methods:

Energy Conservation

Traditional landscaping equipment such as electric or gas mowers, edge trimmers, leaf blowers and more, create emissions which can be harmful to the environment. Solutions to conserve energy include:

  • Trade in your power mower for a battery operated or reel mower.
  • Reduce the size of your lawn and increase the hardscape, or add more native plants, trees, or shrubs.
  • Use hand tools for trimming.
  • Mow your lawn less frequently, allowing it to grow to a height around three inches long.


Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping designed to thrive in drought conditions, which is ideal for the San Diego area. Use the following tips to conserve water:

  • Choose plants that are drought tolerant.
  • Reduce the size of your lawn, or consider installing artificial grass.
  • Use organic mulch in garden and flower beds and at the base of trees to reduce moisture loss.

Use of Native Plants

The Mediterranean climate of San Diego is ideal for year-round growth, but the key to cultivating an eco-friendly, easy-to-maintain landscape is to focus on the use of plants native to the region. In addition to their low water requirements, native plants require less pesticides and fertilizer, having already adapted to the local climate and conditions.

Smart Irrigation

One of the best ways to practice sustainability is through water conservation, including smart irrigation. Tips include:

  • Fix leaks. Perform periodic checks to ensure drip lines, hoses, and irrigation systems aren’t leaking.
  • Use mulch. Mulch helps to retain moisture and prevent heat gain, and should be layered generously to a depth of three inches, leaving six inches of clearance around stems and tree trunks to prevent mold or rot.
  • Mind the time. Adhere to water restrictions in place around the San Diego area.
  • Obtain a smart irrigation controller. Once it has been programmed, the controller adjusts itself according to weather conditions and season.

Eco-Friendly Landscaper in San Diego

If you’re looking to create a greener, eco-friendly landscape, Eco Minded Solutions can help! We have been creating sustainable landscapes throughout the San Diego landscape for years. We are more than familiar with our unique climate and can help you create a gorgeous landscape that requires minimal water or maintenance.

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