Do I Need a Landscape Designer For My San Diego Home?

Posted on: June 1, 2023

Do I need a landscape designer for my San Diego home? It is a question you have been wrestling with for a while now because you want to maximize the value and potential of your San Diego property. At the same time, you need to be picky with your limited budget.

If you are still on the fence about hiring San Diego landscape designers, we can tell you their work is critical to maximizing properties. So whether you want to sell it or stay in your home, you will be glad a landscape designer worked on it.

What Is Landscape Design?

According to the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, landscape design is focused on improving exterior living spaces. It involves analyzing an exterior living space and identifying the elements that would elevate it the most. Landscape design also involves careful planning to ensure the new elements work as intended within the exterior living space.  

The goal of landscape design is to make an exterior living space more enjoyable for the homeowner. Making an exterior living space more enjoyable could entail different things. For example, you may want to change the appearance of your exterior living space so it elevates your property further, or you can opt to make it more functional.

You can break the work involved in landscape design down into softscaping and hardscaping.

With softscaping, the designers will introduce plants to transform your yard. Hardscaping integrates non-living elements such as walkways, fountains, and other outdoor fixtures.

Investing in landscape design will benefit your San Diego property immensely. So seek out the best landscape designers in San Diego and assemble the best exterior living space for your property.

How Is a Landscape Designer Different from a Landscape Architect?

While looking for people to work on your yard, you may come across listings for San Diego landscape architects. However, you may wonder if they are any different from landscape designers.

Landscape architects and landscape designers are different. Find out how they differ by continuing below.

Clients Served

One of the major differences between landscape architects and landscape designers is their typical clientele. Landscape architects can work with homeowners, but they primarily work on commercial projects. Landscape designers almost always work on residential properties.

Licensure Requirements

Licensure requirements also vary for landscape architects and landscape designers. Only landscape architects must be licensed to operate. Landscape designers can still obtain certifications if they choose.

Technical Expertise

A landscape designer must have considerable technical knowledge to assemble the designs their clients request. Although landscape designers can also possess a high level of technical expertise, they are not required to have it.

Employment Situation

Landscape designers may work for a larger company, independently, or a landscape architect could directly employ them. On the other hand, landscape architects may work independently or join a firm.

What Does a Landscape Designer Do?

The main objective of a landscape designer is to create an exterior living space suited to their client’s preferences. To achieve that objective, landscape designers will need to complete various tasks.

Let’s break down the things landscape designers do while working on projects in this section of the article.

Ascertain the Client’s Wishes for Their Exterior Living Space

First, a landscape designer must determine what the client wants for their exterior living space. Then, they will meet with the client and note their ideas for their property.

The landscape designer does not need to include all the client’s requested elements in the final design. However, that should still be their primary objective.

Analyze the Property

Your landscape designer will eventually drop by to closely examine your property. During this visit, they will analyze your property and determine which hardscaping and softscaping elements will work. They will also consider the layout of your San Diego property and how it will factor into the final landscape design.

Designers will also account for the climate in your area. That is necessary, especially if they want to integrate plants and water fixtures into your property.

Draw Up Plans for Your Revamped Landscape

After accounting for your preferences and analyzing your property, your landscape designer should provide visual representations of your new yard. They may use 3D models and computer programs to create those visual representations.

Questions to Ask a Landscape Designer

How should you go about finding the right landscape designer for your project? Asking the questions we detailed here should put you on the right track.

Do You Have Insurance?

Any legitimate landscape designer will have insurance because they know homeowners will not hire them if they do not have it. Still, you should confirm that your landscape designer has the necessary liability insurance.

How Long Have You Been Working in San Diego?

Experience is essential for any individual or company working in the home improvement industry. It is even more critical for landscape designers because factors like the local climate and soil can affect the quality of the work. Hire someone who has already been working in San Diego for years if you want a gorgeous outdoor landscape.

What Are the Services You Provide?

Some landscape designers will only work on creating the design for your yard. Then, after finalizing the design, they will turn it over to the builders and move on to a different project.

There is nothing wrong with your designer doing that if you knew that is how they worked when you hired them. However, you can find landscape designers who will remain involved in the project even after they provide the design. Typically, design-and-build firms employ those landscape designers. Seek them out if you want your builders and designers to collaborate continuously.

What Should I Expect in Terms of Maintenance?

Do not forget to ask your landscape designer about your yard’s maintenance requirements. For example, ask them what the new plants will require in terms of maintenance. You should also inquire about the hardscaping elements and how often you must clean them. 

Notably, some designers will also handle maintenance for your new yard but will charge an additional fee. You must decide whether to pay for that ongoing service.

How Long Will The Project Take?

Lastly, you want to ask your landscape designer about their expected timeline for your project. After they present you with their expected timeline, you can decide whether it works for you. For example, you may want the project finished earlier if a big event is coming up.

It is also good to have that timeline so you can check if the project is progressing as expected. If it becomes delayed, you can ask the landscape designer about it.

What Can I Expect in Terms of Communication?

Keeping lines of communication open is always important when tackling any major home improvement project. Ideally, you want a landscape designer who can answer any questions you have while the project is ongoing. That way, you can assess the project’s progress and determine if you want to make changes.

Working with a landscape designer who cannot commit to keeping their lines of communication is risky. Consider looking for other candidates if they cannot make that commitment.

Types of Landscapes to Consider

Are you drawing blanks while trying to develop ideas for your outdoor landscape? If so, we have some suggestions for you to consider.

Tropical Landscaping

Tropical landscaping leans heavily on plants to create the desired outcome. You specifically want to feature palm and plumeria trees along with hibiscus shrubs to create that distinctly tropical atmosphere in your backyard.

You can set the scene better by including some key fixtures. A fire pit in the center of your tropical landscaping would create an incredible visual. Additional fixtures sending water flowing throughout your new yard would enhance the tropical vibes.

Despite how it may sound, tropical landscapes can still be sustainable. Work closely with green building experts if that is the type of landscape design you are going for.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Not everyone can devote a significant amount of time to yard work. Because of their busy work schedule and other commitments, some homeowners may struggle with the maintenance demands of a typical outdoor landscape. If that is the case for you, consider opting for low-maintenance landscaping.

Low-maintenance landscaping includes features that will hold up well even if you cannot tend to them consistently. This means the landscape designers will introduce low-maintenance plants and fixtures to your yard. However, a good designer can create a beautiful concept even if they abide by low-maintenance restrictions.

Planting and Xeriscaping

The water supply is a foremost concern for homeowners in San Diego. It is something they must keep in mind when choosing features for their home. Likewise, it is critical to consider while planning your outdoor landscape.

If you do not want a potential water shortage to jeopardize the health of your outdoor landscape, you should try xeriscaping. Xeriscaping involves the use of plants that are native to your area. Native plants do not need as much water as other plants because they have adapted to the local conditions. Therefore, you can fully expect those native plants to survive and even thrive.


Populating your yard with plants is a good idea to make your outdoor landscape more vibrant. However, those plants can also eat into your living space. Therefore, you must still add features designed to accommodate you and your family. What you are looking for specifically are hardscaping features.

Walkways, patios, and decks are prime examples of hardscaping features that can make outdoor landscapes more accommodating. Hardscaping features can also benefit your plants. For example, retaining walls and raised beds are hardscaping features that you can use to organize your plants.

Desert Landscaping

Desert landscaping features elements of both xeriscaping and hardscaping. Your landscape designer will lean on xeriscaping while choosing plants for your San Diego property. They will specifically look for plants that can thrive even if they do not get a lot of water.

They will use hardscaping to design the structures of your desert landscape. In addition, those hardscaping elements will help organize what could otherwise be a chaotic scene.

Certain elements like cacti and gravel are also prominently featured in desert landscape setups.

Mediterranean Landscaping

Many homeowners are big fans of >Mediterranean landscape design. You can also feature that design theme in your outdoor landscape if you are so inclined.

Terra cotta fixtures are signature elements of Mediterranean design, so you must feature them in your revamped scheme. When it comes to plants, you should look for options that can survive without receiving a lot of water. You can also use ornately designed tiles and earthy colors to round out your outdoor landscape.

Mediterranean design is also big on outdoor furniture. Rustic pieces fit particularly well into this design scheme.

Modern Contemporary Landscaping

Last but not least, you can also feature modern contemporary design in your outdoor landscape. So, what is the idea behind this design scheme?

Modern contemporary design emphasizes symmetry and simplicity.

Starting with plants, you want to prioritize those that appear symmetrical. Examples of plants commonly used in these design schemes include agave, aloe, and New Zealand flax.

Hardscaping features should come with defined edges. Oversized pavers are common in these design schemes. Metal fixtures also work great for modern contemporary design. The luster of the metal plays well against the colors of the plants. The contrast they create will help define the landscape.

Light fixtures are also throughout modern contemporary design schemes. The light fixtures that work best for these setups are the ones that you can obscure. They can highlight the elements of your setup without hogging too much attention.

San Diego Landscape Designers

We at Eco Minded Solutions fully involve our clients in our landscape design process. You will have a hand in every step of the process to ensure that the result fits your vision. Our designers will also work closely with our builders to execute the plans for your outdoor landscape.

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