Energy Wise Tips & Techniques

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Save substantially while reducing your carbon footprint

Solar panels: Turn California’s sunshine into savings.

Generate your own energy rather than giving your money to a utility company. During the day, any solar power generated by your system that is not used within your home is routed to the utility grid for credit with the utility.
When your solar power system sends excess power to the utility company your meter actually spins “backwards” which generates credits on your account.
As a solar power owner, you will be considered a “customer generator” by the utility company and the utility company is required, by law, to purchase any excess solar power your system produces until your bill is eliminated.
The cost of a solar power system is a fraction of what you will pay the utility over the years
Solar-Powered lighting is Cost effective and low maintenance. Use the sun’s natural energy & sensors to automatically turn on at nightfall.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Lighting: Is a low-cost, high-efficiency landscape lighting option.


  • Extremely energy-efficient, using only 2-10 watts of electricity.
  • LED bulbs last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents, and far longer than typical incandescent.
  • LED bulbs last for years, energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs.
  • LED lighting will reduce your electricity costs by 80% or more.
  • No mercury is used in the manufacturing of LEDs.

Solar Pool Heating: Most affordable way to enjoy your pool throughout the year.


  • Eliminate your substantial pool heating costs.
  • With the right amount of sunshine, solar pool heating systems will keep your pool heated 8-10 months out of the year.
  • The ROI on a typical system is less than 1 year.
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