Exterior lighting options are vast and varied. Choosing the ideal solution for your home can be daunting. Whether it be for simple purposes, such as safety or lighting your putting green, use these tips to inspire your inner landscape designer. In the slideshow below, learn how outdoor landscape lighting increases your home’s security, safety, return on investment, beauty, and functionality.

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1. Walkway & Path Lights

The majority of this slideshow features images in our design portfolio. We specialize in crafting eco-friendly landscape construction techniques that are low impact on the environment, while also improving your home.

Below you will find frequently asked questions about exterior lighting and how it can increase the ROI of your remodel.

How can exterior lighting increase the safety and security in my home?

Walkway, stair, or flood lights are most effective methods of security, actively deterring burglars and guest injuries, especially when they are hooked up to motion sensors or timers.

How can accent and decorative lighting increase the ROI for my home?

Decor and custom accents can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal during the day, but those unique touches can disappear at night. Increase your luxury home remodeling ROI by adding beautiful accent lights around your home, showing off the gardens or architectural accents 24 hours a day.

How does more lighting increase the functionality of my outdoor spaces?

It’s worth the investment to reclaim your outdoor time, especially in a beautiful climate like San Diego, by lighting the areas that are dormant during the darker season. An illuminated yard, seating area, or pool can allow activities of any kind, from late night athletic trysts, to the classic outdoor dinner party.

Eco-Friendly Exterior Lights

There are plenty of other options available to you when it comes to lighting, but more and more homeowners are finding themselves choosing eco-friendly fixtures, such as LED lights.

These fittings not only benefit the environment by using less energy, or simply harvesting solar power, but also slash your bills as a result of the lack of energy consumption. What better way to save money and the planet!

Exterior Lighting Ideas – Eco-Friendly Approach

Whether you’re interested in an eco-friendly sustainable luxury design for your outdoor spaces, or looking upgrade your outdoor lighting during you whole home remodeling, our designers specialize in creative techniques that save you money and while helping preserve the environment.

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