What Is Full-Service Lawn Care?

Posted on: March 21, 2019

The key to a beautiful lawn is time. As a homeowner, you must dedicate time to testing your soil, choosing the right grass, watering your plants, trimming and mowing, controlling pests and weeds, and performing other tasks. Then, after investing time in your garden, you must wait for the fruits of your labor to appear.

What if you’re short on time, or you have a brown thumb? That’s when you call Eco Minded Solutions for full-service lawn care in San Diego. Our landscape maintenance services are designed to save you time and deliver professional, consistent results you can be proud of.

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After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly. The crew was always on time and often worked longer than expected to keep the project on track. Loving our newly remodeled home and would highly recommend Eco Minded!

What Does Full-Service Lawn Care Entail?

Whether you have a traditional grassy lawn or there’s not a blade of grass in sight, full-service lawn care may be right for you. Plan to schedule services monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on your specific needs. Here are the types of services we offer our San Diego customers:

  • Weeding, trimming, pruning, and other general yard maintenance
  • Aeration, fertilization, watering, mowing, and other lawn-specific maintenance
  • Sprinkler system inspections and maintenance
  • Routine plant inspections to check for diseased or invasive plants
  • Seasonal clean-up
  • Pest control
  • Landscape improvements and additions, including the installation of artificial turf, xeriscaping, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, patio areas, and more

Benefits of Full-Service Lawn Care

If the thought of completing all of the above tasks on a routine basis makes your head dizzy, you’re not alone. Many San Diego homeowners have handed over the laborious task to Eco Minded Solutions. We provide full-service lawn care so you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Savings: It may not seem possible to save money when you hire a company to provide lawn care, but think about it this way—how much would you spend on equipment and supplies if you were maintaining the lawn yourself? The time you save is also valuable, whether you spend it relaxing or earning money.
  • Less physical labor: Many homeowners have limited physical abilities. Even if you’re fit, you may not be interested in spending your Saturday afternoon sweating in the yard. Then, there’s the ongoing risk of tripping, falling off a ladder, getting sunburned, or overexerting yourself, all of which can be avoided by outsourcing your lawn care needs.
  • Consistent lawn care: With the 12-month growing season here in San Diego, you never get a break from yard maintenance. Make sure important tasks still get done even if you have a busy schedule or travel a lot for work by hiring a full-service lawn care team.
  • Professional results: You probably know the basics of lawn care, but do you know how to bring a struggling yard back from the brink or get your grass through a drought without hiking up your water bills? When a professional landscaper handles the job, you can rest assured your lawn will remain healthy and attractive, creating the curb appeal you’ve always wanted.
  • Increased home value: If you ever plan to sell your home, having a beautiful yard is a huge selling point. It makes a positive first impression when people pull up to the house and may tip the odds of landing a sale in your favor.

Set Up Full-Service Lawn Care in San Diego, CA

If you simply need someone to mow your lawn, or you want help replacing your grass with xeriscaping, we can help! Whether you have a traditional lawn or rocky desert landscape, our services will save you time and effort while ensuring a beautiful outdoor space.

To inquire about full-service lawn care in San Diego, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Eco Minded Solutions.

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