Big Tips for Small Space Landscaping

Posted on: September 5, 2013

In this article, read tips for creating sustainable luxury designs and see examples of some of our favorites in our San Diego design portfolio so you can make the most out of your small space landscaping decisions.

It’s no secret that outdoor living spaces in San Diego are small and confined due to real estate being worth more than it’s weight in gold.

When you own such a desired outdoor living area, why not take full advantage of every square inch of your small space?

When you don’t have much room for landscaping, it is time to get creative to design a beautiful residence that is also highly functional.

Designing for small spaces requires fresh thinking and a different approach.

Small Space Landscaping Tips

Don’t let size fool you! Just because you have a small space, does not mean you can’t create an elegant backyard built for comfort with cool and functional solutions too.

The best part about working with a small space is that you have HUGE potential you might not have realized. Working with our expert landscape architects and designers in San Diego, you will be able to create a beautiful vision and execute it with an eco-friendly mindset.

We created the following list of tips to get you in the right direction and visualizing the possibilities there are for small space landscaping.

Tip #1: Let Function Drive the Layout of Your Space

Give some thought to how you’ll use and eliminate any elements that are not priorities. Would you like to dine, relax, garden, entertain, or all of the above?

Eco Minded Solutions designed this elegant space that could be transformed as an outdoor dining area when necessary.

This Golden Hill Outdoor Space was designed with relaxation in mind.

The homeowners wanted to create a place they could escape and find zen away from the worries of life. The layout was built around their desired place of relaxation with feng shui to govern their surroundings.

Tip #2: Create Layers in the Landscape

When working with small spaces, you always want to make it feel larger than it actually is. We do this by implementing layers into our techniques for eco-friendly landscape construction.

The clients wanted to bring natural elements without the maintenance associated with these, and so, synthetic turf became the best option.

As you can see, we combined a drought tolerant landscape technique of artificial turf with the sleek wood finish, to create a layering effect along the fence. These design choices complement the functionality we also created in the space.

Not only does this bring some color to the backyard, but it also creates a greater sense of being outdoors so you feel less isolated. Combining hardscape with softscape always leads to a visually engaging atmosphere.

Tip #3: Keep the Layout Open and Multi-Purpose

Whether it’s a dinner party, your reading a book outside, or entertaining a family BBQ, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality because of size.

This Coronado courtyard received a face-lift, transforming an underutilized space into a thriving outdoor living room.

With this Landscape Beautification Award winning front yard, our designers worked with the homeowners to build a place where all things are possible. They did this by designing their front yard to have an open layout with multi-purpose capabilities for ease of entertaining guests.

By keeping the layout open, you keep the possibilities open. You can relax comfortably knowing no matter where the night ends up, your small space was built for endless capability.

Tip #4: Use Contrasting Plant Material

When space is a factor you have to get creative and this vertical succulent garden is a is beautifully arranged new concept that our clients love!

Fire features can not only provide heat to a space, but are a creative way to introduce ambient lighting. Never underestimate how a small fire feature can transform a space.

The fluorescent green of succulents breaks up the hard elements of wood and cement, bringing some softness to the property.

By creating these complementary elements, this small space landscaping design creates a modern look with a smooth and mellow feel.

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