Elevate Your Backyard with a Luxury Pool House

Posted on: February 7, 2022

As a homeowner, you can opt to complete the area near your swimming pool in different ways. You can install some security features, grow some plants, and even build a pool house.

A pool house is not exactly something that qualifies as an essential structure. Even so, it can provide some benefits that will come in especially handy when the pool is frequently in use.

If you are more concerned about beautifying your pool area, building the structure still makes sense. You will be amazed by the way a luxury pool house can elevate your backyard.

Continue with this article if you wish to learn more about pool houses. Later on, we will also discuss the things you need to consider before starting work on your new backyard fixture.

What Is a Pool House?

Before we discuss anything else, let’s first define what a pool house is.

First off, a pool house is always supposed to be a free-standing structure. It is similar to a detached accessory dwelling unit in that sense. If it were attached to your home, the pool house may seem like another room.

As its name suggests, the pool house should also be near your swimming pool. You will understand why that is the case when we discuss the different uses of pool houses a bit later in this article.

Size is more of a fluid concept when it comes to pool houses. They do not need to meet certain measurements to qualify as that kind of structure. However, you should consider the size of your home when designing your pool house.

The idea is to make the pool house proportional to your actual house. You are doing that mostly out of aesthetic concerns.

Building a detached structure that looks big with your home can come off weird. Be mindful of the proportions; the entire property should make sense when looking at the design. Similar to size, pool house design is not restrictive in any sense. You are free to choose whichever fits your pool house the best. Many homeowners opt to make the pool house look similar to their home to maintain design cohesion.

You can build a luxury pool house by going all out with its design. Go ahead and make it as spectacular as you want it to be.

Why Do You Need a Pool House?

Now that we have a better idea of what a pool house is, we can discuss what it is for. The different reasons you may want to build a pool house are detailed below.

Storage Unit

Probably the number one reason people build pool houses is they need extra storage.

If you have had a pool for a while, then you likely own more than a few accessories. Some examples include pool covers, nets, and other items needed to maintain that part of your home. You may also have various pieces of pool equipment lying around.

The area near your pool can get messy quickly with all those items scattered about. Your kids could trip over them and injure themselves easily.

Those items may also deteriorate faster because they are not stored properly. With a pool house nearby, you can now store those items easily. They will also be easy to fetch if you are cleaning your pool since they are close by.

Note that a pool house is not only for storing pool-related items. If it is big enough, you can also keep pieces of your patio furniture in there. You can also use it as storage for your gardening tools if your garage is already full.

Changing Area

Many kids love swimming pools. If you decide to build a pool at home, chances are your kids will be in the water all the time.

There is nothing wrong with your children taking a dip in the water. However, their post-swimming habits can be problematic.

Instead of drying off properly outside, they may head inside too early and cause a mess in there. Your clean floors may get muddy from their wet feet. Water may also fly all over the place as your kids rush to change.

No one enjoys cleaning a mess like that. Building a pool house can eliminate that problem.

Moving forward, your kids can go into the pool house if they need to change. Your guests can also change in there if you are hosting a pool party. Since people will often use your pool house for changing, you can choose materials that are easy to clean.

You can even put a shower in the pool house so anyone who went in for a swim can freshen up completely before they head into your actual home.

Lounging Area

Swimming for hours can be tiring. After your dip in the pool, you may want to hang around and relax a bit more before heading inside. If you often feel that way after swimming, you may want to build a pool house that can double as a lounging area.

Design your pool house in a way that it can accommodate a TV and some chairs. You can also put a fan in there so your guests can relax even more.

A pool house that doubles as a mini lounge can also serve you well if you decide to have pool parties. Use that as a makeshift serving area for food and drinks, so people do not crowd inside your kitchen.


You can also use your pool house to accommodate guests. Install an air conditioner in there so your guests can stay comfortable even when it is hot outside. Go ahead and place beds in there, so your guests can fully relax.

A fully functional guesthouse must also feature a bathroom outfitted with a shower. You will need to pay for those additional elements if you want your pool house to double as a guesthouse.

Increase Home Value

Lastly, a pool house can also be useful for boosting property value.

According to experts spoken to by Forbes, a pool house can increase property value by five to eight percent. That is a pretty significant bump and one you may want to capitalize on if you are planning to sell your home in the future.

Even if you do not end up using your pool house that often, it can still turn into a positive long-term addition because of how it impacts home value.

What Are the Types of Pool Houses?

There are mainly two types of pool houses. Those are prefab and custom-built pool houses.

Let’s dive deeper into how those pool houses differ so you can select the better option for your household.

Prefab Pool Houses

Prefab pool houses are constructed before they ever reach your property. You select the prefab model you like, place your order, and they will deliver it to your property. Professionals can handle the task of installing that prefab pool house for you.

Some homeowners prefer prefab pool houses because they are more affordable. According to Angi, you can find prefab pool houses that are priced for as low as $5,000. Even the most expensive options top out at around $25,000.

They can also add prefab pool houses to your property faster. If you need a pool house as soon as possible, going for the prefab option makes a ton of sense.

The main drawback to the prefab options is that they may not necessarily qualify as luxury additions. They are largely cookie-cutter additions, so you are not paying for something rare.

There may also be elements of the prefab pool house that you do not like. Unfortunately, you will need to live with that because the manufacturer will do nothing to change it unless it is a defect of some kind.

Prefab pool houses can be solid additions to any property. Still, if you want a luxury pool house, you need a custom-built addition.

Custom-Built Pool House

Custom-built pool houses can get pretty expensive. Angi has its price range going from $26,000 up to $180,000.

You must pay a premium for a custom-built creation, but that may be your only option if you want a luxury pool house.

Since it is a custom creation, you can control every aspect of its design. Be as specific as you want to be with its design, so it properly recreates your vision.

Building that custom pool house will also take some time, but it is worth it. You can expect it to be a long-term asset for your home whether you are planning to sell or not. A custom-built pool house is a good investment if you can afford it.

Factors to Consider before Building a Pool House

Does the idea of building a pool house sound good to you? Given the different ways it could prove useful, we certainly understand why the idea has piqued your interest.

Still, you may want to hold off a bit on that project. There are still some factors you need to consider before you push forward with your plan to build a luxury pool house. Those factors are in greater detail below.

Feasibility of the Project

You should first consider if building a pool house is even possible on your property. That means looking at the space you have available.

Given the amount of space you have in your backyard, you may not be able to build a luxury pool house. At best, you may need to settle for a structure that you can use as a changing room.

Once you find the spot you want to use for your pool house, you should take a closer look at it. See if there may be any supply lines underneath that could prevent you from proceeding with the project.

Zoning laws may also come into play. The zoning laws in your area may prevent you from building a new structure on your preferred spot. Check with the local government to see if building a pool house is an option for you.

Cost of the Project

Cost is always an important consideration when it comes to any construction project. As we discussed earlier, your choice of pool house will greatly affect how much you will need to spend. Prefab pool houses are cheaper, but custom-built pool houses are more flexible in design.

The materials you want to use for the pool house will also affect the final cost of the project. Make sure you check with suppliers to know how much the materials will cost.

A building permit may also be required before you can start work on your new pool house. Remember to set aside some money for that building permit.

Workers to Hire

Last but not least, you need to decide who you want to hire for this project. Hiring a design-build company to work on your pool house is a fantastic idea. That is especially true if you want a custom-built pool house.

Since you are only hiring one company to handle the design and construction of your pool house, they can complete your project faster. You can expect your custom-built pool house to be ready relatively quickly. You can even get frequent updates on the status of the project.

Partnering with a design-build business is also a smart move if you are trying to keep your costs down. They can save you money because you will not need to bring any external specialists to complete your pool house.

In search of the perfect addition to round out your backyard, do not overlook the pool house. A good pool house can be a functional addition that also accentuates the design of your swimming pool and your home.

Reach out to us at Eco Minded Solutions if you are interested in building a luxury pool house. We will work closely with you to ensure that the finished product will be exactly how you envisioned it.

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