Modern Kitchen Design 101

Posted on: April 2, 2015

A modern kitchen can greatly enhance energy efficiency and your total property value. Not only is a kitchen the stomach of your home but it is also the heart that brings family and friends together.

With your updated kitchen completed through our custom kitchen remodel process you will impress on the holidays as well as supper time.

Benefits of a Modern Kitchen Design

The benefits of a renovated kitchen extend far beyond aesthetics. A new modern kitchen will increase the property value of your home while saving energy, money, and simplifying your lifestyle in the process.

Your kitchen upgrade is a worthy investment with benefits extending beyond the enhanced visual appeal. New appliances will improve your quality of food while also reducing your environmental footprint. Add extra seating areas, new vent systems, wide view windows, and other modern kitchen elements for a unique design that is sure to impress guests.

We focus on seamlessly incorporating an environmentally friendly approach to living in our green building and remodeling process. By incorporating modern, energy efficient appliances and smart design into your space, you’ll save more energy and water while reducing utilities bills at the same time.

Did you know? An updated kitchen will drastically increase the total property value of your home AND save you money on energy costs.

What to Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

At Eco Minded Solutions, we begin with a design consultation to discuss ideas and your vision for the project moving forward.

We incorporate suggestions to define an eco-friendly home remodeling plan.

From there, your assigned project manager will handle the communications and execute the project, keeping you informed every step of the way.

It is our goal to bring your dream kitchen to life without hassle. Our timely work will ensure your home is up & running efficiently with minimal down time.

View our Featured Kitchen Remodel Inspirations

These are two of our favorite projects for kitchen remodels with eco-friendly and responsible design elements. You can also view all of our San Diego home remodeling and construction services

La Jolla Kitchen Remodel: Modern & Airy

Eco Minded Solutions brought the essence of the outdoors in with this La Jolla kitchen remodel.

Color palate and design elements are inspired by the panoramic coastline views of the ocean just outside the window.

Poway Kitchen Remodel: Open & Warm

The open plan of this Poway kitchen remodel creates a warm and inviting space that flows seamlessly into the living and dining room of this home.

Lighter cabinets draw in the light, and playful tile patterns add color and interest to the space.

As the heart of your home, a kitchen should give you and your family a comfortable and functional space to gather.

Together we will focus on creating a beautiful space that reflects the style and personality of your home while adding ease to your day to day and saving our earth’s precious resources.

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