Modern Patio Design Ideas to Add the WOW Factor

Posted on: May 20, 2022

To update your home design, you need to look beyond the four walls surrounding you. Your outdoor landscape could also benefit from a makeover so consider looking into modern patio design ideas.

Improving your landscape can help you unlock the full potential of your property. It is an investment well worth making, and you can expect it to pay dividends for years to come.

What modern design concepts will suit your backyard? We have some suggestions. Continue reading this article and pick up some ideas you can use to update your home design!

Why Should You Invest in a Redesigned Patio?

Before we discuss design ideas for your patio, let’s first talk about why you should strongly consider improving that part of your home. After all, other parts of your home may seem like better candidates for a design refresh.

Is it worth pouring your resources into a patio redesign? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. The reasons detailed below help explain why.

Patios Allow You to Get Creative

As noted in this article from Masterclass, patios do not need to maintain the design scheme you have established for the rest of your property. If you want to try out something completely different for your patio, you are welcome to do so.

Take advantage of that creative freedom to add a new dimension to your home décor.

Remember that wild color scheme you were curious about? Go ahead and bring it to life on your patio.

Feel free to add any elements you want as well. Arrange the furniture set that never made sense inside your home on your patio.

Look in your storage and search for items you could not use before. This time around, you can integrate them into your redesigned patio.

Patios do not place a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do in terms of design. That comes in handy if you have a specific scheme in mind.

Patios Can Become Alternative Living Spaces

The patio can be more than an aesthetic addition to your property. Depending on how you design it, you can turn it into an alternative living area.

Set up some chairs and a table on your patio, and it can become a nice spot to enjoy lunch on the weekends. Place a sofa out there, and your patio could double as an outdoor lounge.

If you have always wanted an outdoor hangout spot, you should seriously consider building a new patio or redesigning your current one.

Patios Can Be Paired with Your Natural Surroundings

A patio’s design does not need to match up with any specific scheme. Even so, you can do some mixing and matching if you so desire.

For instance, you can try to pair your patio’s design with your natural surroundings. Build your patio design around trees on your property or use that structure to highlight your landscape.

Feel free to work with your surroundings in any way you want while constructing or redesigning your patio.

Patios Are Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Your Property’s Appearance

Renovating your home can be expensive. It is probably not the kind of project you can pay for on short notice.

Compared to home renovation projects, patio redesigns are more affordable.

According to Fixr, the average cost of building a patio ranges from $6 to $30 per square foot. You can probably pay for that faster.

If you are looking for a way to improve your property quickly and affordably, working on your patio is the way to go.

Why Should You Choose Modern Design for Your Patio?

Investing in a patio redesign makes sense. But why should you opt to follow modern design for that part of your home?

To be clear, choosing a modern design scheme is not your only option if you want to rework your patio. It is simply an idea worth considering due to the reasons detailed below.

Modern Design Taps into Your Property’s Potential

Every home comes with features that make it unique. As a homeowner, you probably want to make the most out of your property’s unique features.

Modern design is capable of doing exactly that.

Work with a landscape architect to discuss which patio elements will work best with your outdoor space. Examine the suggestions they provide and see which ones you like.

By the time you finish the patio, you will be amazed by how much it has improved your property.

Modern Design Is Eco-Friendly

Green building is not a trend. It is a building practice that many companies have adopted, which many homeowners have endorsed. The desire to protect the environment is strong in many homeowners, and they use that to guide their building choices.

If you want to follow eco-friendly building practices with your patio, then a  modern design makes sense for you.

Bringing modern design concepts to life is easy, even if you only use green building materials. You will not be limited in terms of what you can create.

Modern Design Is Timeless

The term “modern design” may lead you to think that this particular approach to building may fall out of favor eventually. Rest assured that such a thing will not happen.

The concepts championed in modern design are timeless. They are not elements of trends that will inevitably go out of style.

Go ahead and build a modern patio, knowing that it will be a stylish part of your home for decades to come.

Modern Design Is Appealing to a Large Number of People

Lastly, you should consider modern design for your patio if you want it to be appealing to a large segment of potential home buyers.

Many buyers in this day and age prioritize homes that feature modern design over properties that do not. Featuring modern design is not a prerequisite to sell your home, but it will help.

Make sure you appeal to as many potential buyers as you can by building a modern patio.

Modern Patio Design Ideas Worth Trying

There are so many ways to feature modern design in your idea. Listed in this section are some of our favorites. Please feel free to check them out!

Go with a Multicolor Design

We mentioned earlier that your patio’s design does not need to mirror what you have inside your home. Use that freedom to try out some fun things with colors.

One particular thing worth trying is implementing a multicolor design.

Install multicolored tiles on your patio and see how they interact with the rest of your yard. You may find that those varied colors work perfectly with your flower beds. The different colors may also develop a new appearance as they sparkle under the sunlight.

It is also fun to play around with patio colors because you can end up with something different each day!

Use Clean Lines to Create Distinct Sections of Your Patio

Clean lines are hallmarks of modern architecture. Typically, you will see those clean lines to define the walls or ceilings of structures.

Of course, you can utilize the clean lines of modern architecture in other ways. When building a new patio, you can use those clean lines to create different sections.

Create different lounging areas and design them with distinct themes in mind. Your modern patio will look and feel like a more fully realized space with those elements present.

Utilize Different Textures and Materials in Your Patio

We have played around with colors and lines. Now it is time to talk about textures.

Building your patio out of different materials will allow you to create a structure that features numerous textures.

Create entire sections made from polished tiles and use natural stone to build other areas. You can even alternate those materials if you so choose.

Adding a textural element to your modern patio shows that you have a keen eye for detail. Those varying textures will also give your patio a unique feel.

Practically speaking, using different materials to build your patio is also a good idea. You can set the rougher tiles in spots that you know will wear down faster and keep the smooth tiles more protected. You can effectively extend the lifespan of your patio by doing that.

Establish Pathways to and from Your Patio

Your modern patio does not need to be a self-contained addition to your yard. Integrating it into the rest of your outdoor décor is also an option.

One way to establish that connection between your patio and the rest of your yard is by creating pathways.

Lay down pathways that lead to and from your patio. Design them to complement the look of your new patio. You can use the pathways to either create some contrast or they could continue the design theme you are seeking to establish.

Create the Patio Using Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable materials for building is a core element of modern design. That should be a point of emphasis for you as you continue to flesh out the design of your new patio.

When some people hear the term “sustainable materials,” they may start to think of substandard items. They may picture poorly made recycled goods or raw materials that have not been processed properly.

We already know that sustainable building materials have evolved well past that point. Sustainable materials are as good or even better than the other available options. You will not be compromising the quality of your new patio by using sustainable materials.

Integrate Natural Elements into Your Patio Design

Modern design builds on natural beauty. Those two work together to create stunning sights.

Your patio can be a shining example of that.

Add natural elements to your patio and let them round out your design. Arrange some plants around your patio or use flower beds as their backdrop. You can also opt to hang some plants from the covering if you decide to build your patio that way.

Modern design excels at letting natural beauty shine. Use that to your advantage as you put together your new patio.

Hang Light Fixtures around Your Patio

Light fixtures have a way of making a spot feel warm and cozy. Instinctively, hanging light fixtures around your patio may not seem to make sense since it is located outdoors. At night, though, you quickly see that adding those light fixtures was a good idea.

Choose lanterns as your light fixtures if you want to beautify your patio.

Lanterns can provide enough illumination even at night. On top of that, they can also soften the lights, so they do not bother your eyes.

Arrange those lanterns carefully so everyone using your patio can bask in their glow.

Set Up Pieces of Furniture That Feature Bold Colors

The pieces of furniture you use to complete your patio will also help determine how it ultimately turns out. Use your discerning eye to pick out pieces of furniture that fit right into your modern design scheme.

Black and white furniture can work well here. The contrast between the black and white furniture and your colorful yard will be striking. It will emphasize the beauty of your chosen patio design.

Add a Stunning Centerpiece

Finally, you can finish your modern patio by adding a stunning centerpiece. The centerpiece in question could be a fire pit or a small fountain. You can also splurge for an expensive dining table if you want.

The centerpiece you choose should be beautiful and practical at the same time. After all, you are still keeping in line with modern design philosophies here.

Consult with your landscape architect and see what suggestions they have for potential centerpieces.

A modern patio can be a fantastic addition to your property. Aside from improving the appearance of your property, that new patio can also turn your yard into a more functional space.

We at Eco Minded Solutions can help you build a modern patio. Contact us today, let us know about your ideas, and we will work on turning them into fixtures for your home!

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