What to Consider Before Building a Home in San Diego

Posted on: July 19, 2023

Adequate preparation is a crucial component of any successful home building project. So, what does adequate preparation for a home building project entail? Answering that question will be the focus of this article. Go through the tips detailed below and use the information to plan your home building venture.

The Source of Funding for Your Home Build

Many people rely on mortgages to purchase their dream homes. If you have never built a home before, you may have assumed that a mortgage would also be your funding source for that endeavor. Unfortunately, lenders are less likely to approve mortgages for individuals planning to build homes. According to Investopedia, mortgage lenders are not particularly fond of handing out mortgages for residential construction projects due to the amount of risk involved. They regard those projects as significantly riskier investments and may conclude that their money is better spent elsewhere.

What are your options if a lender denies your mortgage approval? We have a few suggestions for you to consider.

Construction Loans

In all likelihood, you will need to take out a construction loan to fund your home building project. A construction loan is a short-term loan that covers the costs of your home building project. The exact amount of time will vary based on the terms you negotiated with your lender.

The construction loan gradually disburses money as work continues on your property. During construction, the borrower must only pay down the loan’s interest. The construction loan is usually reworked into a conventional mortgage when the construction is finished.

Construction loans are harder to obtain than mortgages. You must provide detailed plans and estimates which show the lender that you are pursuing a feasible construction project. Furthermore, most lenders also require borrowers to complete down payments as a condition of supplying funds. The normal down payment for a construction loan is 20%, but do not be surprised if a borrower asks for 25%.

When construction begins, the borrower may also send inspectors to the property to monitor the project’s progress. You must allow the inspectors to evaluate your home because they may withhold your funding otherwise.

FHA One-Time Close Loans

The lenders in San Diego may deem your building plans too risky due to the current state of your finances. They may be unwilling to offer you a construction loan even if they stand to gain substantial profits. Do not abandon your plans even if that happens. You may still build your dream home using an FHA One-Time Close Loan.

FHA One-Time Close Loans work similarly to construction loans but have less stringent requirements. You do not need a high credit score to qualify for this type of loan, and the required down payment is set at only 3.5% for many borrowers. Of course, there are still drawbacks to securing this type of loan.

For instance, the FHA must approve the contractor managing your home building project. Borrowers are also obligated to pay mortgage insurance premiums. FHA One-Time Close Loans also come with lower limits than construction loans. If you agree with those conditions, you can still proceed with your home building project.

The Lot That Will Host Your Custom Home

Even the best-laid home construction plans can be derailed by poor property conditions. That is why finding a lot ideally suited for your home building plans is so important. Certain factors matter no what your buying priorities are. These factors include the lot’s shape, size, and soil composition. All of those factors will help determine what structures you can build.

The location of the lot is another crucial consideration. Your property’s location will affect what services you can use. Lot location is especially important regarding septic tanks and municipal sewer systems. Beyond those essential considerations, buyers prioritize different things in their dream properties.

If you have kids, you may place more importance on the school district that covers a particular lot. Orientation could be significant if you intend to feature natural lighting in your custom home. Some buyers also prioritize lots covered with trees due to the resources they provide. Whether or not a homeowner’s association will cover a specific property is also a potential swing factor for many buyers. Some buyers may not mind working with a homeowner’s association, while others want nothing to do with them.

Finding the right lot for your custom home in San Diego can be challenging, given all the factors to keep in mind. Working with a realtor is a must to make your search more manageable. Tell them what you are looking for in a property and your spending limit so they can show you the best options available.

The General Building Plan for Your New Home

The beauty of building a home from scratch is you have complete control over what it will eventually look like. You can go for something traditional, embrace the modern aesthetic, or lean into the California coastal vibe. If you do not like the available design templates, you can create something completely different. Your property’s characteristics and budget will still dictate what you can build, but you can get as creative as you want.

Do not focus solely on the outward appearance of your home. Take advantage of your freedom to integrate the fixtures and appliances you have always wanted into the home you are building. Build a home with a traditional appearance and modern amenities if you feel like it.

You can also narrow the selection of building materials used in your new home. Use only sustainable materials if you want an eco-friendly home. Follow other green building principles to minimize the carbon footprint of your new property. There is so much you can do with the blank slate that is your new lot. Explore all your options so you can put together the best building plan.

The Area Surrounding Your New Home

Some property owners develop tunnel vision while working on their projects. They get so fixated on their new home that they neglect the other aspects of their property. Even after pouring so many resources into the custom home, the result of the project may still be unsightly because the outdoor landscape was mostly ignored.

Avoid falling into the trap that has captured numerous property owners in the past. Give your outdoor landscape the attention it deserves and create something truly spectacular.

Working on your outdoor landscape does not need to be a chore. If you purchased a property with trees,  integrate them into your landscape design to create something unique to your property. Fire and water features are great additions to liven up those open spaces. Building a patio or a deck is an excellent idea for hangout spots outside your home.

Outdoor kitchens are similarly terrific property additions. They can turn your backyard into a more functional space. Those outdoor kitchens are especially sought-after in sunny locales like San Diego.

The Professionals Who Will Build Your New Home

Realizing your home building plans will be impossible without the aid of the right professionals. So, who do you need to hire for your building project?

Depending on the current state of your chosen lot, you may need to hire a surveyor. A surveyor can check out your property and identify boundaries. The services they provide are critical for preventing land disputes down the line.

You may also need a civil engineer to evaluate your property. Civil engineers can examine your property and point out supply lines. They can also offer guidance and ensure your new home complies with zoning laws.

Next, you need to find a contractor. There are numerous contractors in San Diego, but not all of them are ideally suited for custom home building projects. You want to hire a design-and-build contractor for that type of project. 

Design-and-build contractors handle construction projects from start to finish. Instead of hiring an architect and general contractor separately, a design-and-build firm will provide both professionals. Design-and-build companies also employ other workers and specialists who help complete construction projects.

Hiring a design-and-build contractor is wise, no matter what type of construction project you are working on. However, their diverse services are even more useful in home building ventures. If an unexpected issue emerges while working on the property, everyone can get on the same page and resolve it.

The Timeline of Your Home Building Project

Finally, you must set your expectations correctly. Specifically, you should understand the expected timeline for home building projects. These projects can easily take up to two years to complete. Do note that those two years include the time spent on securing funding and finding a suitable property.

Delays are also likely with these types of projects. Bad weather can force your project into a stop-and-start pattern that pushes the timeline further into the future. Disputes with your lenders and their inspectors could also cause delays.

Worrying about those things is useless because they are out of your control. That said, you can do something to prevent delays caused by unreliable workers and suppliers. Avoid hiring a contractor simply because they put forth a low bid for your project. Focus more on identifying the contractor that offers the best value proposition with their bid.

As long as you work with the right people, you can minimize delays and keep your project on track. Sooner rather than later, your dream home will be ready for occupation!

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