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Remember watching shows like Star Trek thinking how awesome it would be to have a touchscreen display mirror and table in one?

So what’s next in the world of futuristic homes? Will your vacuum know only to clean where it’s dirty? How about your refrigerator planning meals for you?

In this article, explore futuristic home technologies that will get you excited about the next big trends on the horizon.

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Futuristic Home Ideas for Inspiration

By attending events and conferences throughout the year, we are sure to stay abreast of trending home technologies that will be useful for our custom home builders in San Diego to enhance projects.

In this video from the International Builders Show, we discovered dozens of appliances that are going to change our lives as we know it. As we continue our search for the most cutting edge products, we will keep you updated on our favorite technologies that are designed to bring your home into the future.

Table Of Contents – Futuristic Technology By Room

Bedroom Luxuries

Life in the bedroom will never be the same as we progress into the future. From privacy to comfort, the advancements will make your life more luxurious.

HiCan “Smart” Bed

Our favorite bedroom product is the HiCan bed. It is the world’s first “smart bed” that will improve your quality of sleep and time relaxing in the bed.

It’s clean and crisp design is similar to a canopy, but with a sexy, smooth finish. It has a built-in projector screen that creates the ultimate comfort zone.

The automated adjustable headrests and footrests take relaxation to a whole new level, while the automated privacy blinds bring romance to the next level.

Also looks pretty darn cool!

Hi-Tech Bathroom Appliances

Upgrading your porcelain thrown can revolutionize your bathroom oasis for the better. There are many ways to turn your bathroom into your personal getaway from cyber mirrors to automated toilets.

Numi Toilet

Our first futuristic bathroom product is the Numi, a tech-savvy toilet. This futuristic toilet automatically opens and closes as it senses you’re close. The seat has an adjustable heating feature that can work on buns or feet alike.

No more sitting on a cold bowl in the middle of the night or trying to find your way in the dark! It plays music, has fancy lights, and comes with a touchscreen remote for maximum customization.

Cybertecture Mirror

The next product we love (and still can’t believe it is possible) is the Cybertecture Mirror. This smart mirror displays email, weather, and messages – all while tracking your health and weight like a scale. Just like in Star Trek!

Imagine seeing your reflection while also looking at the world’s largest smartphone. It tracks your health and allows you to check your email.

You can even watch videos on how to do your make-up or to tie your tie while getting ready each day. The customizations are endless.

The Kitchen of the Future

It may not cook everything for you just yet, but you can have some very custom options like a palm reading coffee maker, an indoor automated herb garden, or a very sleek and modern table / speaker combo.

Acoustable Speaker Table

What better place to sit and eat than at a table with built in speakers? With the Acoustable, you can listen to your favorite podcast while eating breakfast, or listen to your favorite audio book while washing dishes.

Can you image how much more fun board games will be? Games will start to be designed with a narrative played over the table’s speakers. The clean design really gives it a postmodern feel and futuristic look.

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden

Our next favorite kitchen appliance is the Click & Grow, an appliance that grows herbs right in your kitchen. Just add water, plug it in, and watch as your herbs grow in a short three weeks.

Your culinary ventures now include fresh, organic herbs that you harvest right in your kitchen. This product is one of our favorite products because of it’s ease of use, low maintenance, and smartphone controls.

Memory Smart Coffee Maker

This last kitchen product is going to make waking up in the morning so much easier. Memory is a smart coffee maker that is designed to make the perfect cup of coffee, specific to you. Coffee fanatics, assemble!

It’s hand scanning function reads your fingerprint to know what cup of coffee you like. It remembers previous options you’ve chosen and improves your coffee experience with each cup. Waking up never tasted so good.

Advanced Living Room Entertainment

Entertainment in the living room was revolutionized by the television. But the new innovations are incorporating advanced materials that make sci-fi movies become real life.

Transparent TV Screen

Flat screens were a huge advancement but this next product is going to bring you to the next level. The Transparent TV is the next big trend changing home entertainment.

When off, the screen turns crystal clear, allowing you to see right through it. This clean design allows for more decor around the TV and emits a feeling of elegance. Who would ever think a TV could look so amazing turned off?

AirHome WiFi Speaker System

The next living room product can be combined with your transparent TV to create the ultimate entertainment center. Centralized entertainment and streaming devices are already changing homes and businesses everywhere.

We found the AirHome technology during out search for innovative products at the International Home Builders show and instantly knew it was going to be a big product. Play anything you want on your speakers from your smartphone, TV, or laptop. Netflix shows, podcasts, and sporting events will never be the same.

Whole Home Futuristic Upgrades

By far, the products we think will add the most value to your life at home are the ones that affect the entire home. Learn how these little devices can make a huge difference in your home management techniques.

Nest Smart Thermostat

With Nest’s Smart Thermostat changing our we view our AC, home technology is trending more towards energy efficient home temperature tracking.

This product helps to track how much you spend on your AC and heating bills, what time of day is most expensive, and to reduce your energy use. We only see these features continuing to improve in the next years.

Home Security Systems and Kevo Smart Locks

The next two whole home products are Personal Home Security Systems and Kevo smart locks. Having a personal home security system allows everything in your home to be connected to a private network.

When you leave the house, the door locks detect your smartphone with the Kevo lock. When the doors lock, your window coverings are programmed to go down, then your TV and your AC will turn off automatically.

After a few weeks, your smart technology will remember your habits and start to create the perfect smart home experience, unique to you. Pretty amazing things are happening in home technology and it is only the beginning…

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