Smart Landscaping Choices During a Drought

Posted on: March 6, 2014

Eco Minded Solutions, known for its innovation in landscaping design and construction, has focused its business on providing environmentally sensitive planting options during the historic drought that is affecting Southern California.

The good news is that, over last weekend, we finally had a little rain in the Southern California area. The bad news is that the drought of historic proportions is projected to continue for the months to come.

While a few years ago many homeowners wanted to see the greenest yards possible, that trend has changed. “What we are seeing now is clients who want the same beautiful yard, but one that doesn’t need a ton of watering. We have developed specific strategies to work with homeowners to create lovely landscaping that is drought tolerant,” said Rosenthal.

If you want to reduce maintenance and water usage while improving drainage and plant health, you may be interested in an Eco Minded Solutions Irrigation System for your home.

Some of best plant options for dealing with the drought include plant materials that are native to the area and that stay compact. Tree varieties such as the Carolina laurel and the African sumac need very little water and are eye-catching specimens. Shrubs that work well in dry areas include agaves, dymondia and salvias. For added color in drought-touched areas, the California lilac and California poppy are excellent examples of native plants that thrive in low-water areas.

“The way we work with clients has changed with the drier climate,” said Rosenthal. “Because we are a company that is focused on environmentally friendly landscaping and construction, we have done a lot of research as to what will benefit the area during a historic drought, like the one we are having now. Believe it or not, our homeowners are finding that there are many, many options that are beautiful, low-maintenance, low-water options. While the drought is challenging, we can still achieve an amazing outdoor result.”

Despite the challenges of dealing with very little water, Eco Minded Solutions has discovered ways to keep its clients’ landscapes blooming. By xeriscaping using low-water requirement plants and trees and shrubs that are native to Southern California, Eco Minded Solutions is still creating unique landscaping treatments for yards.

By planting water-wise deep rooting plants you not only reduce watering needs, you help fight erosion.
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