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There’s never a need to sacrifice the luxury you deserve, to live in a green and environmentally conscious home.

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After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly. The crew was always on time and often worked longer than expected to keep the project on track. Loving our newly remodeled home and would highly recommend Eco Minded!

In this blog, learn how a sustainable whole home remodeling project can add beauty, elegance and significant savings in water/energy usage.

“What we are seeing now is clients who want the same beautiful yard, but one that doesn’t need a ton of watering. We have developed specific strategies to work with homeowners to create lovely landscaping that is drought tolerant.”

– Josh Rosenthal, President of Eco Minded Solutions

By investing in modern drought tolerant plantings and green building in your next remodel, you can simultaneously increase the value of your home, save money annually, and conserve valuable resources for the planet.

VIDEO: Incorporate Sustainable Luxury with Modern Design Practices

Thanks to Jim McInerney, luxury real estate expert, and Ty Hines, the host of San Diego Luxury Listings, you can see for yourself how gorgeous a smart, eco-friendly home can truly be. The interview with Josh Rosenthal shows how sustainable luxury design & planning influenced this custom designed La Jolla home.

Enhance the Yard with Elegant Paver Design

While the definition of luxury varies with each homeowner’s personalized vision, eco-conscious decisions are timeless winners in the remodeling of any home. Easily enhance the appearance of your outdoor kitchen and living spaces with modern paver designs carefully selected with environmentally friendly solutions in mind for the San Diego climate.

This backyard in Encinitas features a naturalistic naturalistic flagstone patio, fire feature, and new lush planting.

Beautiful Native Plants in an Arid Climate

Drought tolerant xeriscapes are the future of contemporary luxury design in California – without looking like Arizona.

Use native plants to lower water usage as a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lawns.

Customized to your estate, these uniquely tailored, drought resistant designs require virtually zero upkeep, so that you will have more time to admire, and less time to perspire over the most recent California water restrictions.

Harboring plants that require an unnatural amount of water in a hot, arid climate is like pushing a rock uphill. A waste of time and energy.

We promise that nature will always win – and we want it to! Embracing drought resistant plants, smart irrigation systems, xeriscaping, and other water conservation techniques will help to bring the natural harmony back into your beautiful living space.

Sustainable Luxury Means Less Maintenance & Yard Work for Your Family

By utilizing fleshy succulents, sages, snow-in-summer, blue fescue, lilacs, lavenders, and other exotic drought-tolerant plantings, you can create coral-reef like textures and colors that add another dimension to the exterior of your home. Not only do indigenous plants require less water, pesticides, and chemicals for upkeep, but they also provide natural habitats to support local wildlife.

Brainstorm your new lush, low-maintenance garden with our drought tolerant landscaping ideas.

A succulent vertical garden provides ample, color, texture and creates a welcoming environment for guests.

Add a Custom Outdoor Fire Pit for Evening Comfort

Create a comfortable environment for hosting guests by enhancing the ambiance of your backyard with a golden glow. Our custom outdoor fire pit features are environmentally friendly and designed to keep energy consumption of your home at a minimum. Custom designed and crafted to suit your own specifications stay warm during the cold San Diego nights.

This North Park residence enjoys their personalized and vibrantly colored vertical succulent garden next to an outdoor firepit.

Sustainable Luxury is to be Elegant, not Extravagant

Each sustainable home remodel is designed with the unique personality that exudes quality and thoughtful elegance like fine art.

There are countless ways that you can reduce your impact on the environment with green building practices. Don’t sacrifice the quality of materials, in your next home remodel. By incorporating energy-efficient and water-saving appliances, you can significantly lower the energy and water consumption of your home.

Like in the home pictured above, it’s easy to incorporate salvaged, or recycled, materials into a new room addition or extension to make your home more eco-friendly and artistic

High quality insulation materials and smart capitalization of the sun’s natural position reduces the energy that your home requires to maintain the appropriate light and temperature year round. The earth, and your wallet, will be a much happier place!

Sustainable Beauty with Modern and Sustainable Solutions

Eco-friendly remodeling is educated elegance, exercising integrity in its attention to detail.

Your home will look good on the outside and you will feel good on the inside, for reducing your impact on the environment! Significantly lower energy use and create a sophisticated design with cutting-edge materials for your benefit as well as the environment.

Remember that investing in sustainable alternatives will increase both the style and the value of your home.

At the end of the day the only question is, simply, would you prefer a home that is extravagantly wasteful of your time and money, or a low-maintenance, natural beauty that will keep giving back for years to come?

People across San Diego are choosing sustainable luxury over inefficient building practices of the past. Please contact us to learn more about your design options.

Whether just adding a room addition or extension in San Diego or remodeling your whole home, our expert designers look forward to hearing more about where you wish to improve environmental efficiency in your home.

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