Torrey Hills Residence

Posted on: January 26, 2012

This Torrey Pines landscape design draws special attention to patterns, textures, and repeating elements to create a playful unity throughout the entire site.

Developed by our San Diego landscape design team, the front yard features hardy olive trees which frame a custom lattice wooden gate for an alternate way into the home. Crystal clear water in a feature by the entryway is a welcoming, calming element and delightful surprise.

A row of clumping bamboo softens a wall nearing the walkway, and a variety of unique succulent plants in loose gravel add bursts of color for a unique and playful garden. The gravel is replicated in the banding between concrete pads leading up to the gate and in the driveway.

The patterns of water and pebble are repeated in the luxurious backyard lounge of the home.

A covered shade structure extends from the back of the house over the patio for a covered seating and dining area. Unique light fixtures dangle from beneath the cover and bring light an a funky artistic element to the space.

A stone wall gives way into a pit of cool, turquoise fire glass with a glowing flame for a warm gathering space year-round. A custom water wall on the opposing side of this Torrey Hills site balances out the fire element with a refreshing splashing noise. Water falls over a mosaic glass wall onto Mexican beach pebble below for a calming sound.

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