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One of the best parts about the San Diego area is that it is filled with a wide variety of micro-climates that makes our scenery one of the best in the world. This also means that when you decide to landscape your backyard, you need to consider the micro-climate that you inhabit and tailor your landscape to it. Much of San Diego has a Mediterranean climate, which makes a functional outdoor space an absolute must-have for all SoCal homeowners.

At Eco Minded Solutions, we are intimately familiar with all the micro-climates that the San Diego area has to offer and can make educated recommendations for your individual residence. In building your custom landscape, we employ eco-friendly practices to plant only trees and plants that are native to that climate and to utilize eco-friendly building materials.

Looking to create an oasis in your own backyard? Eco Minded Solutions has the expertise you need to create a peaceful and sustainable outdoor space. For landscape architecture and design in Solana Beach, contact us online today.

Our Landscape Styles & Features in Solana Beach

With our design+build approach, we put the power in your hands to guide your Solana Beach landscape design. We start by sitting down with you to discuss your visions and expectations so that you are thoroughly satisfied with the final result.

While we always prioritize our clients’ goals and sustainable practices, we often draw from a number of classic styles when designing a landscape. All of these styles can be customized to suit your personal style and fulfill your every need. Our landscape design styles include:

  • XeriscapingUsing native plants that require minimal water and employ smart irrigation systems to minimize water use and maintenance
  • Contemporary or Modern: Employing symmetry and geometry to create eye-catching designs
  • Mediterranean: Combining French, Italian, Greek, and Spanish styles to capture a casual elegance
  • Tropical: Bringing the look and feel of a personal oasis to your own doorstep
  • Zen: Welcoming peace and tranquility to your backyard retreat
  • Formal or English: Creating a maze of foliage to bring a royal feel to your landscape
  • Oriental or Feng Shui: Connecting man with nature by creating a positive energy flow

In addition to our variety of styles, we also specialize in a number of features, which include:

Our Landscape Design Process in Solana Beach

With each design+build project, we take careful steps to ensure that the final product is as close to your original vision as possible. We start with an initial intake meeting to gain a thorough understanding of your short- and long-term goals, as well as style and design preferences. From there, a preliminary design is created to outline the specifications of your project. We will review it with you and make any changes necessary.

Once the design is approved and the timeline is set, construction can begin! You will meet with your EMS project manager who will take charge of the team and keep you informed throughout the building process. When the project is complete, we will do a final walk-through alongside you. If you find any element to be unsatisfactory, we will work to rectify it until you are 100% satisfied.


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