Custom Cabinetry in San Diego, CA

Cabinets provide more than just storage—they add style and personality to your kitchen. At Eco Minded Solutions, we build custom cabinets to fit your space while enhancing the look of your home’s interior. Gone are the days of trying and failing to stuff every dish and container into your poorly organized cabinets. In your kitchen or bathroom remodel, we can create custom cabinets to your exacting standards so that they fulfill your every need.

We know that the key to an organized kitchen or bathroom is storage, and that starts with cabinets! Our expert designers have years of experience creating custom cabinet layouts that perfectly satisfy each homeowner’s unique needs.

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Our Custom Cabinetry Design Process

We begin with detailed measurements of your space and then assess your storage needs. We will focus on how you plan to use your cabinets and explore various styles to determine which best matches your personal taste. We know every family has different needs when it comes to their cabinets and how they use them, so we take time to listen carefully to your requirements, as well as what is missing from your current set up, so that we design a cabinet arrangement that is perfect for you.

Choose from a wide variety of finishes and woods including oak, birch, maple, alder, bamboo and cherry. With our durable custom finishes, you will enjoy your cabinets for decades to come. All of our woods are sustainably sourced to reduce their environmental impact. We even offer recycled wood for truly eco-friendly cabinets.

Before construction, our cabinet design professionals will draft 3D renderings so you can visualize the end product. These renderings will give you a real feel for your new cabinets and will truly bring them to life. When we present the renderings, you can call for any changes you desire and we will adjust the plans before starting contstruction.

Once your cabinets have been selected, we can offer you a variety of accessories to meet your needs and keep your room aesthetically pleasing. The finishes and fixtures are what give the cabinets a personal touch, so we encourage you to be as picky as you like when selecting these elements!

Custom Space-Saving Solutions

At Eco Minded Solutions, our cabinetry services extend beyond just picking out of a catalog—instead, we offer:

  • Cabinetry design and consulting services
  • Superior quality custom craftsmanship
  • An expansive selection of finishes, woods, and countertops

From interior shelving units to space-saving techniques, our design professionals will have suggestions to make your space not only functional, but also beautiful. We want to help you save space, but we also want to ensure that you have enough room to store and arrange everything exactly as you like.

The goal in custom cabinetry is to create a storage solution that is vastly superior to your current cabinet set-up so that everything that needs a place will have a place.

Custom Cabinet Installation in the San Diego Area

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or whole home and are in need of a creative storage solution, look no further than Eco Minded Solutions! We have years of experience designing and building eco-friendly kitchens and bathrooms with custom cabinets. From reclaimed wood cabinets to smart, energy-efficient appliances, our kitchen and bathroom designs are functional, aesthetic, green, and, best of all, completely custom to YOU! We involve you throughout the design process so that you can offer input and guidance every step of the way, leading you to a perfectly personalized end result.

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