Design Build Contractors in Del Mar

design build contractors in Del Mar

What Exactly Is “Design-Build” and How Does It Work?

When you set out to build or remodel your home in Del Mar, one of your first tasks involves hiring local contractors. You will likely have numerous contractor options to consider in Del Mar, and no doubt it would include design build contractors among them. The key difference between the design build approach and other delivery methods is that you only work with a single company throughout the process.

The architect, the construction overseer, and the California home builders will all come from one company. That one company will also be responsible for providing any specialists needed to complete your project.

Because you are working with only one company, the entire process of building or remodeling your Del Mar home can be more collaborative. You do not need to worry about the architect and the workers not being on the same page. Even if issues arise throughout the project, you can expect the firm you hired to work through them as they all work toward the same goal.

More and more homeowners entrust their building projects to design and build contractors. So consider hiring one the next time you need work done on your Del Mar property.

What Is Design-Bid-Build?

You may not be familiar with the term “design-bid-build”, but you probably understand how it works. Design-bid-build is the most traditional construction delivery method. It begins with the homeowner looking for an architect who can develop a design for their property. After completing those plans, the architect hands them over to the homeowner. The homeowner will then solicit bids from contractors who wish to take on the project.

Once a bid is accepted, the winning contractor will manage the project and execute the design plans made by the architect. They will continue working until they finish the project. They may also bring in specialists that you will pay for separately. Note that the architect is no longer involved when construction work begins on your Del Mar property.

The design-bid-build approach is widely used, but it is not without flaws. Many of these projects go over budget or deadlines because they are not well-coordinated. If you want to make a significant change when construction work has already started, implementing it will not be so easy because you will likely have to hire an architect again.

Because of the inherent issues presented by the design-bid-build approach, many homeowners have switched to San Diego design build companies, and they have not looked back.

How Eco Minded Solutions Approaches Design/Build Projects

To give you an idea of how a design build firm operates, we want to give you an overview of the process we follow. The process is detailed below.

Pre-Design Phase: Our process begins with the pre-design phase. This is when we review your Del Mar property and develop our preliminary designs.

Design Phase: The design phase is the part when we flesh out the building plans. We will create designs that make sense for your property while accounting for your budget and preferences. This phase will also include creating designs for your home’s outdoor landscape. Eco Minded Solutions is the only design build company in San Diego that handles both home building and landscaping projects.

Thanks to that, our contractors and local San Diego landscape designers can create a cohesive design scheme that accounts for both aspects of your property.

Design Completion Phase: At this point in the process, we focus on finalizing the design for the project we are working on. We select specific building materials, fixtures, and paint colors. We also finalize the design and create the corresponding construction documents. This phase wraps up with handing the design documents to the person overseeing construction.

Construction Phase: We are now in the construction phase. During this phase, the builders work on executing the design plans, and they will keep at it until they finish your home. You can still make changes to the plans during this time, so feel free to let us know.

Post-Construction Phase: The post-construction phase of our process mostly involves cleaning up the property. We will also go through the property with you and check how well we executed the design plans. If you find any issues, we will work on fixing them.

Advantages of Working with a Trusted Local Del Mar Design Build Firm

Working with local design build contractors in Del Mar will be a fruitful decision on your part. Check out the benefits below to understand why design and build companies are ideal building partners.

Unified Approach to Building

One of the main draws of working with a design and build company is that everyone’s already on the same page. You, the architect, and the person overseeing construction can get together right from the start and collaborate throughout the project. It is easier to build when everyone becomes involved from the outset.

Accountable Building Partners

In a design-bid-build project, many of the people involved are not necessarily invested in everyone else’s success. For example, once the architect finishes their job, they may move on to a different project. The same may be the case for any subcontractors your general contractor hires.

Design and build companies do not work that way. They work closely with one another throughout the project. No one finishes the work until they complete the project.

Quick Communication

Great communication is another advantage of working with a design build firm we want to highlight. You can talk to anyone working on your Del Mar home, and your input will reach everyone shortly after. That comes in handy if you want to make changes to the existing construction plans.

Pros and Cons of Design and Build

Should you hire a design and build company in San Diego, or should you work with one that utilizes a more traditional approach? To help you decide, we have listed the pros and cons of the design and build approach in this part of the article.

The Pros:

  • Lower Building Cost – Studies have shown that design and build projects are more affordable than their design-bid-build counterparts. Do not forget about those savings when you are choosing a building partner.
  • Shorter Completion Time – Design and build projects are also growing in popularity because the workers often finish them faster. That should be no surprise since you do not spend time soliciting bids or seeking specialists.
  • Issues Resolved Quickly – If issues arise between the design and build teams, they can sort them out quickly. They would not delay the progress of your project.
  • Easier Management – Many homeowners want to be involved in the management of their building projects. It is easier to stay involved when you only coordinate with one company.

The Cons:

  • No Bidding Process – There is no bidding process to lower the cost of your project if you hire a design and build firm. That said, you can still lock in a favorable rate before work begins on the project.
  • Project Quality Is Heavily Dependent on the Partner Company – You must be certain that you are partnering with the right design and build contractor. Otherwise, your Del Mar home may not turn out as you had hoped.

What Makes Del Mar So Special

Del Mar is a coastal California town that gives you a little bit of everything. During the summer and fall seasons, Del Mar hosts horse racing. Pay a visit to the racetrack during one of your days off and bask in this unique spectacle. This town is also famous for hosting some terrific events. The San Diego Fair is one you do not want to miss. You can immerse yourself in the area’s culture by participating in that annual event.

Of course, we cannot talk about Del Mar without mentioning its breathtaking beaches. Take the time to visit all the beaches throughout Del Mar because they offer something different.

Top Design Build Companies in San Diego

We at Eco Minded Solutions allow our clients to experience the many benefits of the design and build approach. In addition, experience how easy and convenient that approach is by working with us.

In addition to our approach, we separate ourselves from other contractors by our experience, expertise, and commitment to green building practices. As a result, we can build the beautiful, eco-friendly home you have always wanted or our remodeling contractors can help you with that whole house remodel you’ve been wanting for so long. Reach out to our top rated Design Build company today if you are interested in our home renovation services!

In addition to Del Mar, we also work in nearby areas, including San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Ocean Beach, Rancho Peñasquitos, Torrey Pines, University Heights, Scripps Ranch, Point Loma, Cardiff, Del Mar Heights, Pacific Beach, University City, 4s Ranch, Carmel Valley, Clairemont, La Jolla, La Mesa, Bankers Hill, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, Carmel Valley, Fletcher Hills and more.

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