Posted on Oct 25, 2017 in Home

Ultra Modern Custom Home & Outdoor Space in San Diego

If you’re considering a big kitchen renovation or whole-house remodel, you might be worried about the effect this project will have on the environment. After all, traditional construction sites are messy, material-heavy, and wasteful. By choosing a custom home builder that takes the right approach, you can “green” your home remodel and lower your carbon footprint, both during the renovation and in the years to come.

Shop Local

Transporting products from their origin to their destination generates a tremendous amount of pollution. Many San Diego homeowners forget about this environmental impact when choosing materials for their renovation projects.

To help combat this, strive to choose local products whenever possible. This might mean shopping around for furniture in antique shops right here in Southern California. With this technique, you enjoy the added environmental benefit of reusing products that might otherwise end up in the landfill. Even if you can simply shop for materials manufactured in the US, this is more local and therefore better for the environment than selecting exotic products produced halfway around the world.

Use Reclaimed Wood

Instead of demolishing buildings with no thought of reusing anything, many construction companies now carefully dismantle homes, commercial buildings, sheds, barns, and other structures. This way, in-tact building materials can be reused in other projects.

Wood is the most popular material to salvage from deconstruction projects. Reclaiming boards allows you to enjoy the warmth and character of real hardwood in your San Diego home without chopping down more trees. For a truly green home remodel, make sure you choose reclaimed wood products that don’t contain adhesives with formaldehyde or other harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Recycle & Donate Whenever Possible

It’s easy to take a sledgehammer to the wall you want to knock down, but think about how you obtained reclaimed wood for your project—by deconstructing, not demolishing! Use the same approach when renovating your home to make the project more eco-friendly.

You might be able to reuse some materials and fixtures elsewhere in your home—think lighting, flooring, bricks, tiles, cabinets, and molding. Even if you don’t want to keep something, recycle it or donate it to a consignment shop. There’s probably someone out there who would love your old dining room chandelier or could repaint and repurpose your old window frames into works of art.

For items such as cabinetry and appliances, donate them to an organization like Habitat for Humanity. All unwanted items are welcome, and 100% of proceeds from sales go toward building homes for the underprivileged.

Install High-Efficiency Appliances

Kitchen remodels often include replacing the appliances. As you shop for a new refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher for your San Diego home, don’t just consider the finish—remember to take the efficiency rating into account as well. When you fill your home with high-efficiency appliances, your energy usage goes down. This is good news for your wallet as well as the environment.

To find an appliance that performs more efficiently than most, look for the blue ENERGY STAR® logo on the packaging. This indicates that the equipment has undergone testing to ensure high-end performance with the lowest energy consumption possible.

Improve Your Insulation

It’s not glamorous, but insulation is vital for a green home remodel, even with our beautiful weather here in San Diego. Take the time to add insulation to the attic or walls during your renovation, and you will improve your home’s energy efficiency from here on out. Your home will feel more comfortable, even though your heating and cooling system runs less often. The result? Lower utility bills and reduced energy usage.

Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling Services in San Diego

If you are interested in an eco-friendly custom home or remodel in the San Diego area, Eco Minded Solutions has the expertise you need. We have been creating luxurious, functional, and sustainable homes in and around San Diego for years. We know how to combine your wants with an eco-friendly approach that will leave you satisfied with minimal strain on the environment.

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