Landscape Maintenance FAQs

Maintaining your San Diego, CA landscape can be a thorn in your side. Depending on the type of landscaping you’ve chosen, your yard could require different types of care, meaning your weekends will be spent caring for your yard instead of with your family. That’s why Eco Minded Solutions offers professional landscape maintenance packages that work for you. From full service to a one-time visit, we’ll make sure your yard is in pristine condition, so you don’t have to.

For more information about Eco Minded Solutions’ landscape maintenance services, give us a call at (858) 779-1225 or fill out our online form to get in touch.

What is included in your landscape maintenance packages?

Our maintenance packages range from one-time residential yard service and occasional lawn care to routine garden maintenance that you can schedule monthly, quarterly, or even annually. Depending on your needs, our packages can include any of the following services:

If you need a service that’s not listed, reach out to your local San Diego professionals at Eco Minded Solutions! We offer more than just the services listed above, so give us a call at (858) 779-1225.

How frequently does Eco Minded Solutions tend to my lawn with a lawn care maintenance package?

If you elect to use us for general lawn care maintenance, you have options for how often you require our services. Our lawn care professionals will help you determine if your yard requires monthly, quarterly, or annual visits from our maintenance team. During these visits, we’ll take care of mowing, pruning, weeding, and trimming your lawn, leaving you to enjoy your free time!

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What seasonal maintenance services does Eco Minded Solutions offer?

With six to 10 months of the year consisting of dry weather in San Diego, CA, a lot of our services are available year-round. However, for San Diego residents – especially ones with lawns – scheduling annual maintenance before summer begins is important. Some of our seasonal services include:

Aeration: This is something you want done in the cooler, wetter months. When your lawn is aerated, little pockets are created in it for water and seeds to enter and establish themselves so that your lawn is as lush as possible when the weather gets warmer.

Irrigation maintenance: During the summer, the last thing you need is your irrigation system giving out. With our maintenance service, we’ll make sure your system is working and working as efficiently as possible before the hotter months arrive.

Landscape improvements: With water for irrigation being scarce due to drought and rising costs, Eco Minded Solutions can overhaul your yard to be a more eco-friendly, drought-tolerant space – all before you go another summer paying a hefty water bill or having a brown lawn.

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How can landscape maintenance improve my lawn?

Your lawn requires work to keep it lush and healthy – especially as a San Diego resident. Regular lawn maintenance can ensure that your lawn is regularly cut and weeded to keep it healthy. We can also ensure that you have proper irrigation so that your lawn is getting the water it needs in the most efficient way possible. Lastly, we can check for pests that may be causing damage to your lawn, and get rid of them quickly. All of these lawn maintenance services work together to bring you the healthiest lawn possible.

How does Eco Minded Solutions work with San Diego’s water restrictions?

Eco Minded Solutions has many different ways that we handle San Diego’s water restrictions. Often, our approach depends on you! If you have a lawn that you wish to maintain, we’ll ensure you have proper in-ground irrigation, which uses less water than above-ground irrigation. If you’re open to alternative landscape designs, we specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping. We are pros in desert landscaping, xeriscaping, and hardscape design. All of these designs use drought-tolerate and/or native California plants along with elegant hardscaping to use as little water as possible.

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