Green Home Building & Remodeling in San Diego, California

Employing Sustainable, Low-Impact Construction Materials & Building Techniques

What makes Eco Minded Solutions so unique is our long-term commitment to using construction materials and techniques that respect the environment.

Our home building and remodeling team is dedicated to conserving natural resources and protecting the air and water quality at our job sites.

We are recognized throughout the San Diego area for our cutting-edge green technologies that ensure the preservation of our environment for future generations. We are committed to making our custom homes and landscapes as eco-friendly and low-impact as possible to comply with San Diego’s water restrictions and to help reduce our clients’ carbon footprint.

If you are interested in building an eco-friendly custom home in San Diego, contact us online to get started.

Our Eco-Friendly Home Building Practices in San Diego

Here are just a few of our standard environmentally friendly techniques:

  • Using the sun and site location to the building’s advantage for natural heat and light. Passive solar allows our homeowners to spend less on heating and lighting their homes. Positioning a home or addition with this in mind can save energy for decades.
  • Using high-quality insulation materials. Carefully formulated insulation plans allow homes to contain heating and cooling without being too airtight. This ensures excellent ventilation and energy savings.
  • Incorporating durable, salvaged and recycled materials. For a unique, artistic touch, we bring in recycled or salvaged materials from other properties that will enhance the design of your home while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Installing energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures. Appliances can require a considerable amount of energy to run. Our energy-efficient and water-saving appliance offerings allow you to choose appliances that are effective yet save on costs and energy.
  • Installing energy-efficient plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We pay special attention to ensure all mechanical elements are sized correctly for your home to optimize their energy efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Custom Home Builders & Landscapers in San Diego, CA

Eco Minded Solutions is a leader in drought-resistant landscaping and xeriscape design. By combining native water-wise plants, artificial turf, and smart irrigation techniques, we are able to help you significantly lower your home’s water usage and reliance on chemical fertilizers.

All of our construction projects combine sophisticated design and cutting-edge green building techniques and materials, inside and out.

Contact us today to talk about how we can utilize these eco-friendly methods to help reduce maintenance, replacement and energy costs for your custom home and landscape design in the San Diego area.

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