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point loma home addition contractorsThe easy, breezy vibes of Point Loma are irresistible to many. If you already have a home in the city, leaving is probably the last thing on your mind. However, your growing family may be forcing you to consider other options.

Before you think about moving to another city, take a moment to consider working with Point Loma home addition contractors. Building a home addition allows you to comfortably accommodate your growing family without changing your address. Down the line, your expanded home can become an even more valuable asset for your children.

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What Additions Add Value to a Home?

You can build different types of additions if you wish to expand the square footage of your property. Options available to most homeowners include room additions, basement finishing, attic conversions, and garage conversions.

So, which additions should you target if you want to maximize the value of your property?

According to HomeLight, a room addition that doubles as a home office can be a particularly profitable project. The site says home offices can add up to $10,000 in resale value. Furthermore, they note that home offices may be more valuable as more people have shifted to remote work.

You can also make your property in Point Loma more appealing by building more bedrooms. This survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders notes that 46% of home buyers are interested in three-bedroom properties.  

That additional bedroom could make a huge difference when you eventually put your home on the market. It could be why you can select from a large pool of buyers. At the very least, it should help you sell your home faster.

A converted garage is another home addition that warrants consideration from a value standpoint. Per Angi, garage conversions produce around an 80%  return on investment. If your garage has been reduced to a storage area, converting it would be in your best interests long-term.

What Additions Fail to Add Value to a Home?

Some home additions are not worth pursuing because they fail to add value. If anything, they may make your Point Loma home a less appealing purchase.

Going back to that survey from the National Association of Home Builders, we can see that glass walls and wine cellars are among the least desirable home features. So renovating your home to accommodate those features may not be a good idea. To increase your property’s value, consider building other improvements instead.

How Long Does an Addition to My House Take?

The increased property value home additions deliver may only be a bonus for you. What you are after are the quality of life improvements they provide. In addition, your growing family may be struggling with the current limitations of your Point Loma property, so completing room additions as soon as possible would be ideal.

It is important to set your expectations properly if you are planning to proceed with that building project. More specifically, you should know that this project will take some time.

The longest part of the process could be securing the permit. According to San Diego County, the initial plan check for residential building permits takes around four weeks. If your building project requires multiple plan checks, the processing time will drag out quite a bit. Your building permit may take several months to process an issue.

Submit your plans for approval right away so you can minimize those delays.

The construction timeline itself will depend largely on the characteristics of your property and the complexity of your property. For example, building a room addition from scratch may take a while. On the other hand, that type of project may run for about three months, especially if you are building a larger room.

You can complete garage and attic conversions faster because the base structure for the new room is already in place. Of course, your home contractors may need to modify the layout of your garage or attic to suit your preferences better, but that should still be faster than building entirely from scratch.

Work with design-and-build contractors to finish your home additions faster. Their streamlined process and open lines of communication are crucial for minimizing schedule growth.

Home Addition Ideas

Homeowners looking for home addition or home renovation ideas can expand the square footage of their Point Loma properties in various ways. Check out the suggestions below and see if they fit into your vision for your Point Loma home.

Conventional Home Additions

If you want a home office, a new bedroom, or a guest room, you should strongly consider building a conventional home addition. In the simplest terms, this is an additional room you can customize based on whichever plans you have.

Because of how varied they tend to be, cost figures for conventional home additions can also end up all over the map. Explain your plans in great detail to your local contractors so they can give you an accurate estimate.

Multi-Room Additions

Multi-room additions are major construction projects that will alter the profile of your Point Loma home. Unfortunately, these projects typically take a long time to approve and can be expensive.

Still, moving forward with plans to build a multi-room addition is worth it if your home can benefit from a significant renovation. You can address numerous space-related issues by going big with this one addition.

Second Stories

Building a multi-room addition is not your only option if you need to add plenty of new space to your home. You can also ask you home addition contractors in Point Loma to work on a second story.

Second stories are great because they give you additional living space without eating into your outdoor landscape. However, putting together a sound plan for a second story will be harder because the contractors will need to account for the strength of your existing property. Therefore, entrust this building project to only the best contractors in your area.


Thus far, the additions we have highlighted are all meant to provide plenty of living space. However, you may not need that kind of extra living space in your Point Loma house. A few more feet of additional space could be enough to make certain parts of your home more comfortable.

You do not need to splurge on the other options we have already mentioned if you only need a bit of space. Building a bump-out may be enough to open up your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Bump-outs can also be more enticing to some homeowners because they are affordable.

Room Conversions

Converting a room is a practical way to create additional living space inside your home. Similar to building a second story, you will not take up yard space for a room conversion.

Potential candidates for room conversions include the attic, garage, and basement. You are probably finishing your basement instead of converting it, but we are still including it here.

Room conversions can be somewhat limiting because the maximum size of the area is already defined. If that is an issue, you can remove a wall or make other changes to the existing room’s layout.


Last but not least, you can also add a sunroom to your Point Loma property. Sunrooms differ from the other home additions detailed here because they are not necessarily supposed to provide more living space. Instead, sunrooms can benefit properties in other ways.

Sunrooms are great for enhancing your property’s curb appeal. They can also be excellent sources of natural light and heat. You can also reduce your energy bills by building a sunroom.

What Are Modular Home Additions?

There is one more type of home addition we have yet to discuss, and it is known as a modular addition. For those unaware, a modular home addition is a new room constructed in a factory. After the room addition is built, it is delivered to the property and set in place. Modular home additions can be attached to the main residence or established elsewhere on the property.

Modular additions are certainly unconventional, but they may be what you need.

Since they build these additions off-site, you and your family will not need to move while the project is in progress. You can stay in your home until the modular addition is ready. Even if you want the modular addition attached to your property, you may only need to leave your residence for a few days.

Those modular additions can also be more efficient regarding time and resources. The builders construct the unit in a factory setting, making their working conditions more conducive. You can also minimize resource waste because materials do not need to be delivered to the property constantly.

The big downside to modular additions is the relative lack of customizability. They are more customizable now but still lacking in that department compared to more traditional home additions.

You must also check on the progress of your modular addition regularly. Otherwise, the final product delivered to your property may not be to your liking.

How Much Do Home Additions Cost?

Cost is always an important consideration for any building project. Make sure you know how much your new addition will cost before you move forward with construction.

Generally speaking, a new home addition costs around $47,000. However, various factors will determine how much you pay for your new addition. 

Factors that heavily influence the cost of home additions include the type of structure, the materials used, the property’s location, the need for prep work, and the building permits. Remember to account for every one of those factors while setting the budget for your project.

Your choice of home addition contractors in Point Loma will also affect how much the project ultimately costs. You can keep your labor expenses under control by working with a design-and-build firm. Design-and-build firms will supply all the workers you need at reasonable rates, so you will not need to bring in pricey specialists.

How to Look Up Zoning Codes for Additions

The physical limitations of your property and your budget are not the only things that can get in the way of your building plans. Zoning laws will also affect what you can and cannot do with your Point Loma home.

Which specific zoning laws should you be mindful of while building your home additions? Of course, that will depend on where your home is in the city. You can consult with your Point Loma home addition contractors. Experienced contractors should already be familiar with the zoning laws in your area. If they notice something that could be a violation, they can suggest alternatives for you to consider.

Custom Home Additions

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