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home addition contractors in san diego

To get the most out of your San Diego property, you have to think big. Look for San Diego home addition contractors because they can tap into your property’s full potential. They can add new dimensions to your property and improve it in many ways.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the different benefits of home additions. Also, we will highlight the different types of additions available so you can choose the best ones for your San Diego home. Finally, find out more about home additions and understand why you need to contact local contractors sooner rather than later.

What Are Some Benefits of Additions?

Home additions are not minor building projects. San Diego residents must be willing to invest significant time and resources if they want home additions. Will your investments be worth it? Come up with your response to that question after you check out the main benefits of home additions.

They Make Your San Diego Home More Comfortable

First, consider building a home addition because it frees up more space for you and your family. Whether adding a second story to your home or a small bump-out, you can create more space to make your living conditions more comfortable.

Think of the difference some extra space can make if your home has constant clutter. Once you finish that addition, you will have extra room to store the clutter and move around more freely. Thanks to that addition, the quality of life for everyone in your household will improve significantly.

Extra rooms will also come in handy if you have kids. Give your children the privacy and comfortable living spaces they need by building them new rooms.

They Can Make Your San Diego Home More Energy-Efficient

You can use the extra space created by your home additions to accommodate important upgrades. To be more specific, you can install more efficiency-focused upgrades to your San Diego home after the additions. For example, if your San Diego home kitchen was too cramped to accommodate an electric stove, you can change that by building a bump-out. You can also add new insulation, electric panels, windows, and doors to parts of your home, such as your basement or attic, to make them more efficient.

Notably, adding those efficiency-focused upgrades will not cost a fortune. Thanks to the provisions included in the 2022 climate bill, a homeowner will be eligible to receive tax credits if they install upgrades that improve their home’s efficiency. Those upgrades will also help you save more money as they can help reduce your electricity consumption.

They Make Staying in Your San Diego Home More Feasible

You have been a San Diego resident for decades, and you do not want to change addresses anytime soon. Unfortunately, staying in your current home long-term may not be feasible because it is too small for your kids. They need their own rooms, and your current home is not big enough to provide them.

Before looking for new houses, you should speak to home contractors in your area. They may create home additions enabling you and your family to stay at your current residence. The contractors may come up with room designs that will fit your home. Then, if those rooms are good enough for your children, you can turn your attention to renovating your home instead of looking for a new house elsewhere.

They Can Be Sources of Income

Lastly, hiring San Diego home addition contractors makes sense if you want to start profiting from your residence. So, how can you profit from building home additions? Certain additions can serve as living quarters for tenants. Like a regular landlord, you can rent them out and collect monthly payments. We will get more into the additions you need to build if you want to make money from your San Diego property a bit later in this article.

Common Additions to Consider for Your Home

You can choose to build more than one type of home addition. Certain home additions may fit your property better than others, depending on your specific needs or preferences. Determine which home additions you should build with your San Diego design build contractors by continuing with this section.

Room Additions – Let’s start by talking about room additions. Room additions are the most conventional structures you can attach to your property. They are entirely new rooms that you are building from scratch to create new space. These room additions can vary significantly in terms of size and purpose. For example, you can build a new room for your teenager or use the extra space for a second bathroom.

It is critical that you identify the purpose for the room addition as early as possible and stick to it throughout the construction process. For example, if you plan to use the new room as a bathroom, decide early to add plumbing.

Room Conversions – Next up, let’s discuss room conversions. Consider paying for a room conversion if certain areas inside your home are currently underutilized. Then, instead of letting those areas go to waste, you can turn them into bedrooms, bathrooms, or any other useful space.

Prime candidates for room conversions include the garage, basement, and attic. Garage conversions are especially worth considering since those areas can easily turn into living spaces. You likely will not mess with the main residence if you are only planning to convert that room.

Second Stories – If your San Diego home is severely lacking in space, adding a room or two may not solve your problem. You may need to consider building a second story. Adding a second story to your property can permanently address your lack of space. However, it also changes the appearance of your property completely.

Unfortunately, not every property can accommodate second stories. Check with your San Diego home addition contractors first so they can determine if building a second story is an option for you.

Bump-Outs – In stark contrast to second stories, bump-outs are the smallest home additions you can build. The smallest bump-outs add no more than two feet to residential properties. Bump-outs mainly make a room more comfortable. However, some homeowners also use them to accommodate new appliances or pieces of furniture.

Accessory Dwelling Units – The accessory dwelling unit is the last type of home addition we need to discuss. Accessory dwelling units, also known as ADUs, come in different forms. For example, the attic, basement, or garage you converted can be an ADU if you add independent living facilities. You can also build a new structure with independent living facilities on the same lot your primary residence occupies to be considered an ADU.

This is the type of home addition you should build if you want new sources of income. According to San Diego County laws, a tenant can live in your ADU if they agree to stay there for at least thirty days. Tenants for the smaller junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs) must also be willing to stay for the minimum thirty-day period.

Planning for The Additions To Your House

Preparing to build a home addition requires a lot of careful consideration. However, we can offer some guidance if you have never taken part in that process. You must first figure out how much you can spend on this project to get things rolling. Your available budget will affect how the project progresses, so settling on it as soon as possible is important.

Next, you need to determine the purpose of the new addition. For example, do you only need space to make your kitchen more comfortable, or do you want to create space suitable enough for a new bedroom? By identifying the purpose of the new addition, you can determine what type you need to build.

After settling your budget for your home addition and determining its purpose, you can start looking for San Diego home addition contractors. Hiring an architect is also highly recommended. If you do not want to work with separate entities, consider hiring a design and build firm instead.

With your home contractors now in the fold, you can ask them about the plans you have in mind. Run your plans by them and see if they are feasible. Adjust your plans if necessary.

Once the plans for your home addition are approved, you may want to look for temporary accommodations. You can stay in your home if you are building a detached ADU. Anything other than that, you should consider leaving for a while, so your home contractors will not need to deal with additional distractions and/or obstacles.

How Do I Estimate the Cost of a Home Addition?

Because home addition projects can be so varied, it is difficult to come up with a cost estimate that will be useful to everyone. To determine the cost of your home addition, look at the expenses individually.

Building Materials

For a small bump-out, your material expenses will likely cost around $1,500 to $2,000. If you are building a new room, you will probably spend close to $17,000 on materials alone. Second story additions come with high material costs. Do not be surprised if material costs for that type of project reach close to $70,000.

Labor Expenses

Half of a home addition project’s total cost may go to your laborers. That is especially likely to happen if you hire your architect and contractor separately. Your architect’s fees alone may already climb up to $5,000. The final bill may grow bigger if you need to hire specialists.

Save on your labor expenses by hiring a design-and-build company. It is easier to control your costs if everyone working on your project is already part of the same team.

Building Permits

The cost of the building permits will depend on the complexity of your project. On average, homeowners pay $1,200 to get the permits for their home additions. However, if you are planning to build a new structure from scratch, like a detached ADU, your permit expenses will probably exceed $2,500.

San Diego

Upgrading your San Diego property by building home additions means you are investing further into it. Will that decision work out for you? Truthfully, it is hard to come up with a scenario where you will regret that investment.
San Diego, CA, is a gorgeous place that is filled to the brim with attractions. No matter what you value in a hometown, San Diego has you covered.

There is no shortage of gorgeous beaches in San Diego, and you can enjoy them most of the year because of the area’s pleasant climate. San Diego is not necessarily famous for its peaks, but the Laguna Mountains are there to conquer for hiking enthusiasts.

Sports fans can catch the San Diego Padres in action throughout the summer. There are also ninety-two golf courses located in the county. More artistically inclined people can enjoy shows at The Old Globe in Balboa Park, The Civic Theatre, and the Lamb’s Players Theatre. Numerous museums and art galleries are also in San Diego.

Paying for a home addition can still be a good investment even if you end up moving long-term. Spacious San Diego homes are consistently in demand, so you will likely have no trouble finding buyers if you ever put your home on the market.

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