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Are you tired of watering your lawn manually? It’s a pain to drag garden hoses and sprinklers around. This method is also inefficient and may lead to spotty lawn growth. The solution is to install an irrigation system to water your grass automatically. Then, if you already have a sprinkler system, you should have it inspected regularly to keep everything working as it should.

If you’re interested in putting in new sprinklers or modifying your existing system, we can help. We also perform inspections and repair damaged sprinkler components.

If you are interested in installing a smart irrigation system in your San Diego-area home, contact us online!

Water Conservation Options in San Diego

We help property owners throughout San Diego curb their water usage by implementing environmentally-conscious landscape designs that combine advanced irrigation systems, drip systems, drought resistant plants, and xeriscaping techniques.

When irrigation systems provide plants the right amount of water, they grow healthier. Since you’re reducing the chance of over-watering, you’ll also see less root rot and fungal diseases commonly associated with over-watering in dry climates like San Diego.

Why Install an Irrigation System?

Our drip irrigation systems help reduce flooding issues and reduce waste. We strategically create better drainage systems to maximize your water efficiency while reducing waste. Drip irrigation is 100 percent automatic, which means you’re not outdoors constantly watering plants.

“What we are seeing now is clients who want the same beautiful yard, but one that doesn’t need a ton of watering. We have developed specific strategies to work with homeowners to create lovely landscaping that is drought tolerant.”

– Josh Rosenthal, President of Eco Minded Solutions

Irrigation System Benefits:

  • Save on water consumption
  • Enjoy less maintenance
  • Decrease water use
  • Produce healthier plants
  • Improve drainage

Smart Irrigation System Installation with Drip Feature

Installing smart irrigation systems with drip features will help your landscape resist drought with less maintenance. Smart landscaping choices in a drought will help you save money and water when Southern California is experiencing water conservation efforts.

Smart irrigation systems auto-adjust based on the weather, so your plants receive the water they need when they need it. The chances of over-watering with a smart irrigation system are greatly reduced thanks to its reduced water use (it uses 15-30% less water than the average irrigation system).

Drip irrigation systems offer a controlled water release that benefits your plants and your budget. Plants receive the optimum moisture level without you having to pay the high costs associated with water loss from sun or wind elements.

Irrigation System Installation

From traditional sprinklers for your lawn to drip irrigation and soaker hoses for flower beds and ornamental trees, we have you covered. We keep your individual needs in mind to ensure you end up with the most efficient, cost-effective results possible.

Our irrigation system designs take into account the size of your lot, specific landscape features, soil conditions, and more. We offer both basic and smart controls for you to optimize your system, and we only use high-quality sprinkler components for a longer lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Irrigation System Modifications

Just because you have an automatic sprinkler system doesn’t necessarily mean your grass is receiving water as efficiently as possible. The original installer may not have set the zones up properly, or you might be interested in upgrading to a smart system with flow sensors and other useful features.

Irrigation system modifications from Eco Minded Solutions are designed to help you conserve water without sacrificing the lush beauty of your lawn. In fact, with improved coverage and an optimal watering schedule, you can promote a green lawn and still conserve water! It’s the best of both worlds.

Irrigation System Inspections

Checking your sprinkler system’s sensors and heads on a routine basis verifies that everything is functioning as intended to help you maximize the benefits of automatic lawn watering. Plus, maintenance allows you to catch leaks and other problems while they’re still minor, making it possible to perform faster, more affordable repairs if needed.

Irrigation System Repair

Remember to keep an eye out for signs of trouble between irrigation system inspections as well. For instance, if you notice your sprinkler range is diminishing, there could be an issue with the water pressure. Clogged sprinkler heads might also leave some parts of your lawn parched. Leaks are problematic, too, not only because they increase your water bill, but because they lead to standing water on the lawn.

If you notice these or any other problems with your irrigation system, don’t ignore them—call the professionals at Eco Minded Solutions to get things functioning smoothly again. We can find, diagnose, and fix problems quickly so you can go back to enjoying convenient lawn watering and healthy, green grass.

Request Irrigation System Installation and Services in San Diego, CA

No two landscapes are exactly alike. That’s why you need a professional like Eco Minded Solutions to handle the job of installing, inspecting, and repairing your irrigation system. Our services promote a lush, beautiful lawn while conserving water and lowering your bills. It’s all part of our environmentally friendly approach to landscape maintenance.

If you’re interested in adding an irrigation system to your San Diego home, or you need a sprinkler head inspection, please contact Eco Minded Solutions today.

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