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San Diego area homeowners are fortunate to live in a Mediterranean climate, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor living spaces year round. A thoughtfully-designed and well-constructed landscape can enhance the value of any property, as well as create a positive change in lifestyle. A nice landscape is an absolutely necessity to enjoy our gorgeous weather.

Eco Minded Solutions specializes in creating and constructing eco-friendly homes and landscapes that maximize your livable space while minimizing your impact on the environment. Whether you are building a new home in San Diego or remodeling an existing one, our landscape architects & designers will create a sustainable, low-maintenance landscaping solution that will look beautiful for years to come.

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Elements of Landscape Construction

Landscape construction encompasses both the hardscape and softscape elements of your outdoor space, and both are needed to create balance and enhance functionality. Eco Minded Solutions will work with you to create the perfect backyard oasis for entertaining, relaxing, or recreation, using high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.


The hardscape component of landscape construction describes items which are hard or unyielding and inanimate. These elements may be organic in nature such as wood or stone, or man-made objects using composite or recycled materials. Examples of hardscaping include:

We work closely with our clients throughout the design, construction, and installation process to ensure the project stays on course and on budget. Our dedicated crew members are committed to quality and efficiency, using environmentally-friendly practices such as repurposing materials found on site where possible.


Softscaping is the soft, living component of your outdoor living space, consisting of any material that grows. Elements may include flowers, shrubs, trees, ground cover, container plants, and more. Some examples of softscape services and installations are:

  • Landscape design
  • Tree planting
  • Xeriscaping
  • Landscape architecture

Landscape Construction and Project Management in the San Diego Area

Our unique approach to the design+build process begins and ends with the client, with the emphasis on customer satisfaction and a goal to exceed customer expectations. At the onset of your project, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager for enhanced communications and clarity. Your project manager will guide you through each phase of the landscape construction process, and be readily available to answer any questions, or handle any concerns, changes, or requests that you may have.

Whether you already have the plans for your landscape design in place and are looking to hire a skilled, professional firm to carry out the construction phase, or would like to meet with our design team to get started on your project, Eco Minded Solutions can help!

San Diego Landscape Construction Team - Eco Minded Solutions - Summer 2014

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San Diego’s Best Eco-friendly Landscape Construction Contractors


Eco Minded Solutions is one of San Diego’s leading innovators in landscape construction. We strive to incorporate landscape designs that are beautiful, efficient, and easy to maintain while minimizing our impact on the environment. Review our specialties and begin to envision how they could transform your property.

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“After meeting with Josh and Barry, I was immediately comfortable with their approach. So much so that I did not even go out and obtain other bids (not my usual behavior).”

– Marvin Zaguli


“They provided us with unprecedented service which included frequent detailed updates and best of all they finished right on schedule and within budget.”

– Dr. Jeff & Pat Leach


“Working with Eco Minded Solutions is an absolute delight. We loved that they offered an end-to-end solution from design through ongoing maintenance.”

– Paul Johnson


“We were drawn to their unique designs.  The yard design plan they created was really thoughtful and took into consideration everything we asked for.”

– Kelly Armstrong

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