Irrigation Systems & Low-Water Landscaping in San Diego

Eco landscaping is intended to improve drought resistance and reduce water consumption, use of chemical fertilizers, and waste. To reach this goal, it is important that the irrigation system and plant design is set up in a way that not only improves water efficiency, but also creates a beautiful, serene space for people to enjoy.

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Water Conservation Options in San Diego

We help property owners throughout San Diego curb their water usage by implementing environmentally-conscious landscape designs that combine advanced irrigation systems, drip systems, drought resistant plants, and xeriscaping techniques.

When irrigation systems provide plants the right amount of water, they grow healthier. Since you’re reducing the chance of over-watering, you’ll also see less root rot and fungal diseases commonly associated with over-watering in dry climates like San Diego.

Why Install an Irrigation System?

Our drip irrigation systems help reduce flooding issues and reduce waste. We strategically create better drainage systems to maximize your water efficiency while reducing waste. Drip irrigation is 100 percent automatic, which means you’re not outdoors constantly watering plants.

“What we are seeing now is clients who want the same beautiful yard, but one that doesn’t need a ton of watering. We have developed specific strategies to work with homeowners to create lovely landscaping that is drought tolerant.”

– Josh Rosenthal, President of Eco Minded Solutions

irrigation-system-installation-san-diegoIrrigation System Benefits:

  • Save on water consumption
  • Enjoy less maintenance
  • Decrease water se
  • Produce healthier plants
  • Imrpove drainage

Smart Irrigation System Installation with Drip Feature

Installing smart irrigation systems with drip features will help your landscape resist drought with less maintenance. Smart landscaping choices in a drought will help you save money and water when Southern California is experiencing water conservation efforts.

Smart irrigation systems auto-adjust based on the weather, so your plants receive the water they need when they need it. The chances of over-watering with a smart irrigation system are greatly reduced thanks to its reduced water use (it uses 15-30% less water than the average irrigation system).

Drip irrigation systems offer controlled water release that benefits your plants and your budget. Plants receive the optimum moisture level without you having to pay the high costs associated with water loss from sun or wind elements.

Irrigation System Assessments & Performance Checks

Irrigation assessments cover the full performance area on your property to determine how much water your property is wasting and where it’s going. The assessment includes an implementable solution to help start conserving and saving on water usage immediately.

Our assessment covers checks on the valves, system controllers, water pressure, sprinkler systems, drip systems, and drainage.

With proper use and regular maintenance, your irrigation system should last for years to come. We ensure that sprinklers and drip systems are in designated locations, and check the water pressure, valves, and controllers so plants receive the appropriate amount of water when set to auto function.

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Drought Resistant Plants for Xeriscaping

Irrigation Systems - Drought Resistant PlantsEven though rainfall percentages categorize Southern California as a desert, the ocean influence results in mild winters and warm summers. This leads to an often difficult choice on which plants to use in your xeriscaping landscape design.

Our experience has led us to find the best time to plant, the best plants to use, and invasive species to remove.

Learn more about drought-resistant plants in our San Diego planting guide.

Water Conservation Consultations in San Diego

Our technicians offer real and valuable conservation solutions like water incentives in San Diego that can help you lessen your carbon footprint, as well as your wallet. Watering schedules and high-quality irrigation system installations offer an eco-sense your San Diego home needs to conserve water.

For drip irrigation systems and smart irrigation installation, we are the water conservation experts in San Diego! We are happy to provide a free design consultation—get in touch today!

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