Living Wall Installation in San Diego, CA

An Eye-Catching Addition to Any Eco-Friendly Landscape

A living wall is both art and a garden all in one. They are easy to maintain and beautiful to behold, making them a top choice for many San Diego residents with smaller outdoor areas. They also serve as unique focal points for any landscape.

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What Is a Living Wall?

Living walls are made by placing plants onto a wall made of natural materials, which the plants will grow their roots into and use as their stabilizing force. The best part? Living walls are completely customizable! Think of the wall of your personal canvas—your designer can use a wide variety of plants to create any sort of pattern or design that suits your landscape and individual style. Many of our designs feature a variety of succulents since they fare so well in our climate. Take a look at our San Diego native planting guide to explore some of your options!

Living walls are the ultimate marriage of beauty and functionality. Many credit Patrick Blanc for coming up with the modern concept of living walls, due to his 1986 construction of a “vertical garden” at the Museum of Science and Industry in Paris, France. Today, they are quite popular throughout San Diego and the greater Southern California area thanks to their low water usage and unique look.

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The Benefits of Living Walls

Customizable. Living walls can fit into virtually any style landscape. Whether your yard is contemporary, feng shui, or Mediterranean-style, a living wall can be created to fit into your unique surroundings.

Eco-Friendly. Our living walls use low-water, low-maintenance plants. We often plant succulents in our walls, which are native to the San Diego area and require very little water to thrive. You can also install a smart irrigation system to regulate your water use and enable your living wall to maintain itself!

Compact. Living walls are such a popular element for landscaping due to their convenient size. If you can’t have a spacious xeriscape in your backyard, go vertical and create a living wall instead! Any vertical surface can be converted into a living wall, including doors or the background wall of water elements.

Eye-Catching. A living wall is the ultimate “wow” factor in a landscape of any size. It is a stunning visual to behold and is sure to become the centerpiece of your outdoor space.

Create an Eco-Friendly Landscape in San Diego

If your San Diego landscape is missing that extra something, a living wall might be the perfect addition to your backyard. They’re good for the environment, easy to maintain, and stunning to witness. And when you partner with Eco Minded Solutions to create your masterpiece, you get to work with an award-winning landscaping team that has created countless breathtaking landscape designs throughout the great San Diego area. We are experts in San Diego native plants and eco-friendly solutions that will suit both your green thumb and your sustainable priorities.

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