Mediterranean Landscape Design in San Diego, CA

Are you ready to transform the exterior of your home with a new landscape architecture? It’s important to choose a design that works well with the climate and aesthetic style of the area where you reside. With our warm temperatures and cool ocean breezes here in San Diego, a Mediterranean landscape is perfect for our climate—not to mention a beautiful, low-maintenance way to accent the architectural elements of your home.

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Features of a Mediterranean Landscape

To discover if this design appeals to your aesthetic tastes, consider the elements found in a Mediterranean landscape:

  • Drought-tolerant plants: Wherever you live, the best way to start a Mediterranean landscape is with low-water plants and trees native to your area. In San Diego, this means considering California fuchsia, purple three-awn, desert willow, fairy duster, and coastal sagebrush, among other plants native to Southern California.
  • Large stone pavers: Natural stone—limestone in particular—is a fundamental feature of any Mediterranean landscape design. Pathways consist of large stone pavers, perhaps with wide, unfilled joints to allow nearby plants to spread and grow between the cracks at will. This design lends itself to that casual appearance so common in Mediterranean landscapes.
  • Gravel gardens: Covering a walkway, seating area, or another part of your yard with gravel creates the perfect transition between house and garden. Many Mediterranean plants are suitable for gravel gardens, and you can choose rocks in a wide range of colors and sizes to match the stone pavers and architectural structures found in your garden.
  • Mosaic designs: From garden paths to retaining walls to the floor of your backyard pool, mosaics are a beautiful way to add detail to a Mediterranean landscape. You can use premade patterns or create a mosaic yourself with brightly colored glass or glazed tiles.
  • Terracotta accents: This orange earthenware material is traditionally used in Mediterranean designs, making it the perfect accent for your landscape. You might even have terracotta shingles that you want to tie into other aspects of your home’s exterior design. Consider incorporating terracotta bubble fountains, planters, pavers, and garden ornaments for just the right touch.
  • Bright colors: Along with muted stone and earthenware, Mediterranean landscapes are known for pops of bright colors. You might stick to a warm color palette with yellow stone benches, red painted terracotta pots, and orange cushions on your outdoor furniture. Brilliant blue and teal mosaic accents are also suitable for this design style.

Benefits of Mediterranean Landscaping in the San Diego Area

Consider the advantages that a Mediterranean landscape offers Southern California homeowners:

  • Sustainable: Mediterranean landscapes implement a lot of native, low-water plants. This makes your garden drought tolerant, allowing you to use less water without negatively impacting the beauty of your landscape. No-water features, including stone pavers and gravel, add further visual interest to your yard and require no water or fertilizer.
  • Beautiful: Whether you want a casual place to entertain guests or a peaceful outdoor retreat, a Mediterranean landscape is ideal.
  • Easy to maintain: A great deal of time, energy, and water goes into maintaining a traditional grassy lawn. With hardy plants and stone features that largely take care of themselves, you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your Mediterranean landscape.

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