Modern & Contemporary Landscaping in San Diego, California

With the rise in popularity of modern home architecture and interior design, it should come as no surprise that compatible modern landscapes are popping up as well. But what defines contemporary landscape architecture? Is this the right choice for your home and family’s needs?

Read on to learn more about what a modern/contemporary landscape looks like to discover if it suits your tastes. Then, contact Eco Minded Solutions online to schedule a free landscape design consultation in San Diego!

Features Used in Modern Landscaping

Clean, orderly lines and simplicity define this style of landscape architecture. People live hectic, disorganized lives, so it’s comforting to come home and relax in a tidy outdoor living space. Here are some examples of the features you’re bound to find in a contemporary landscape:

  • Plenty of hardscapes: The hard surfaces in your yard are considered the hardscapes. These include stairs, pavers and walkways, fire pits and water features, concrete walls, built-in stone benches, outdoor kitchens, and other similar elements. These provide geometric shapes to create the clean, hard-edged lines so characteristic of contemporary landscapes in San Diego.
  • Simple geometric shapes: As with homes built in a contemporary style, modern landscaping incorporates simple geometry wherever possible. Oversized square pavers, boxy rectangular seating, and half-sphere planters are all familiar sights.
  • Wood accents: If your entire yard were comprised of nothing more than linear pavers with gravel in between them, the space would feel stark and uninviting, but that’s not how a modern landscape is meant to be. That’s why designs often include wood decks, fences, gates, and pergolas. This organic material softens the harder elements while still providing long, straight lines.
  • Corten steel: At the initial installation, this material is a silvery color. After several years of exposure to the elements, it develops a rust-colored appearance. This is the desired look and requires no maintenance to achieve. Corten steel planters, fireplaces, and water features are all possible ways to incorporate this material into your modern landscape design.
  • Landscape lighting: Modern fixtures and expertly designed landscape lighting bring your yard to life after dark. The use of up lights, floodlights, and step lights are common in contemporary landscapes.

Choosing Plants for a Contemporary Landscape in San Diego

No matter what style of landscape design you’re looking for, we always recommend choosing plants native to Southern California for your garden. As you consider which drought-resistant shrubs, grasses, and trees to include and where to plant them, remember these tips:

  • Symmetrical plants are best: A modern San Diego landscape should feature plants that have a consistent form or geometry of their own. Examples include agave, aloe, New Zealand flax, and cordyline with their radial symmetry and long, thick leaves. Trees should also be trimmed routinely to maintain a balanced appearance.
  • Organized planting patterns create the modern look you want:Repeating patterns and clean lines show up even in the softscapes of your modern landscape architecture. A neat row of ornamental grasses or succulents may serve as a “room divider” between two exterior spaces in a contemporary landscape. This adds to the feeling of organization and simplicity. Flowers aren’t unwelcome in modern landscapes, but you should plant them strategically within defined borders.

What Types of Architecture Look Good With Contemporary/Modern Landscaping?

This style looks best with homes that feature straight lines, dynamic angles, and wood or concrete accents. Still, you don’t have to live in an ultra-modern house to design a contemporary landscape in San Diego. A more traditional home can also benefit from this clever update. Picture a two-story brick home with large rectangular pavers lined with agave plants surrounded by monochromatic river stones. This look really makes a statement, which might be exactly why you want to create a modern landscape in your yard.

Eco-Friendly Landscapers in San Diego, CA

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