Artistic Backyard Retreat Project in San Diego

Artistic Retreat

As seen featured in the San Diego Home and Garden, this landscape design was created as a backyard oasis for a professional artist. The homeowner was not satisfied with their previous backyard design because it’s lack of visual appeal and poor minimal use layout. With a refresh of the yard, we made way for a new blank canvas to foster her creative inspiration in Encinitas.

We took advantage of the rear windows looking out into the back of the home. This created a visual appeal that was a highlight of the indoor / outdoor space.

The patchwork flooring of this design incorporates a funky and bright palette which creates the feeling of a larger space. We selected a mixture of concrete, crushed granite, and pebbles for a natural composition.

The grey blue pebbles mimic a waterbed with a floating hardscape nestled inside, while the crushed granite simulates the warm desert wash for sunbathing. We explored shades of grey that accentuate the colors of the Blue Glow Agave and Lime Green Foxtail Fern with hues of contrast against the grey undertone.

Utilizing a modern minimalist style with an assemblage of color-splash plants gives this landscape a distinctive sense of movement, like a well crafted collage. Along the fence, we erected weavers bamboo to create upward direction while providing ground cover with plants such as Aloe, Cape Rush, and Hen & Chicks.

In this San Diego landscape design, it’s all about the small details, mixture of textures, stones, potted plants, and fun accents that makes this space suitable to bring out the true artistic perspective in any observer.

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