Backyard Restoration Project in La Jolla, CA

Backyard Restoration in La Jolla, CA

This 3000-foot yard was transformed from a sprawling lawn into a pocket-sized park behind this La Jolla home. In this challenging project, Eco Minded Solutions worked to create a seamless transition between elements, incorporating both old features and new into one cohesive design.

Large trees, existing planting areas, and boulders already in the yard were incorporated into the flowing layout. By removing turf and bringing in a variety of low-water plants, Eco Minded created a more drought resilient space that cuts down on water usage and saves the homeowners money. Flowering plants and native trees now play host to various wildlife species including, buzzing bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

Dry creek beds meander through the site to provide proper drainage and prevent erosion by allowing rainwater to percolate back into the water table. Footbridges connect decomposed granite walking paths to invite strolling around the site. Existing soil was used to build up mounds for planting, providing a layered, multi-dimensional look.

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