Beach Contemporary Backyard Renovation Project in Del Mar

Beach Contemporary

The back lawn of this grand estate in Del Mar received an upscale renovation with many exciting features to create a backyard suited for entertaining and relaxing.

Various outdoor rooms are created through the use of terracing walls, hardscaping, and strategic arrangement of features. Stone steps and walkways connect each space for accessibility and flow.

On the patio, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue with a built in bar ensures ample seating for outdoor dining. A heated table is the perfect space for more formal dining, and a lounge area surrounding a fire pit allows for entertainment year round.

A naturalistic patio with greenery sprouting between the flagstones softens the hardscape while providing additional space for larger events.

Lush planting lines the fence to bring life and color to the space. A unique garden wall with a vertical display of succulents is a striking focal point to the space, serving as a backdrop. Living walls are an excellent way to add green to any landscape without taking up too much horizontal space.

A raised spa is integrated into the surroundings with a custom built wooden frame that doubles as additional seating. The horizontal wood slatted fence is a design savvy way to ensure privacy from neighboring yards.

Tucked into a quiet corner of the terraced yard lies a tranquil resting area featuring a shaded hammock. Soft pea gravel and tropical plantings bring the design together and the vacation-like feel to life.

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