Family-Oriented Indoor-Outdoor Project in San Diego

Family Essentials

This gorgeous indoor/outdoor space was designed to maximize the viewing areas of the beautiful landscape around the property while reducing water usage as much as possible.

We constructed this backyard property to be inviting, fun, relaxing, and an ultimately a backyard destination area. Let’s start with the main feature of this project, the BBQ and dining area.

In this landscape design, we started with a wood shade structure using smaller flats to create a stunning backdrop, add shade, and create privacy from the neighbors. We finished it off with a red cedar stain to match the patio and installed pendant lights for ambient accent lighting.

With the backdrop and lights setting the mood, it’s perfect for informal dining around the BBQ. To bring it all together, we added concrete waterfall edges on the BBQ for a clean finish. The space still feels intimate without taking away from the dazzling landscape.

Low water usage was a primary request from our client and we decided to creatively address this by bringing in low maintenance plants as well as concrete flooring. Throughout the property, we used turf and concrete as the outdoor patio flooring to reduce the water requirement while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. Throw in the lighting to highlight the pathway and you’ve got a splendid, sustainable walkway.

We then sprinkled beautiful succulents and plants throughout the property to add balance to the gorgeous space. Some plants we used were an Aloe Hercules accent tree, various succulents, and bamboo for added privacy screening. Framed by the luscious plants, we designed a relaxing deck and outdoor fire pit for our clients to enjoy with their friends.

Knowing that the homeowner wanted to take advantage of the view, we created the deck to give visitors a better vantage point of the stunning landscape. Add in an outdoor fire pit and some comfortable chairs, it’s now the perfect for relaxing with your favorite libation.

We decided to bring in the last bit of definition and structure to the place by constructing a four-foot wall around the relaxing deck area. This space is ready for parents to enjoy their friends’ company, while the kids roll around on the back lawn playing games.

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