Rustic Farmhouse Indoor-Outdoor Space Project in San Diego

Rustic Farmhouse

This project was designed to create an indoor and outdoor usable space for family entertainment on a large 1-acre property.

Many beautiful features were chosen to give a unique and eclectic style for this landscape architecture in San Diego. Privacy was important as well as creating a comfortable space for sons and grandchildren to play. Around the perimeter, there are Gabion cage walls with straight edges inside industrial style cages. In the interior, the stones in the cage walls were rounded with a softer feel.

There is an industrial and raw look to the property with a commercial architectural style. The different material styles blend together to create a natural and modern contemporary feel. Flowing grasses, 80-year-old olive trees, swimming pool, and fire/water features all support the farm style beach house architecture.

Using contemporary materials like Ipe boards and stainless steel add a unique contrast in this property. We used the Ipe wood because it is one of the harder woods on the market, does not require a lot of maintenance, and is resistant to termites. It has longevity superior to other types of woods.

From koi pond to water/fire feature this property used multiple different materials to create an elegant yet classic style perfectly fit for a farmhouse near the beach in Encinitas.

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