Desert Modern Landscape Design & Build Project in Poway

Desert Modern

In this Poway landscape design + build project, we used the homeowner’s stylistic preferences to improve the first impression of the residence’s entryway.

The blooming agave, aloes, sages, grasses, and lavenders paint their way across the canyon side, leading guests through a magical desert trail off the side of the driveway and down the canyon slope.

An oasis of blue fingers surrounding the lower terrace and seating area is perfect for enjoying the gorgeous view of this “city in the country.”

We wanted to bring out the natural beauty of the Poway property by taking inspiration from the local, naturally dry climate and adding a mosaic of architectural linear pavement with strategic placement of colorful desert plants. With the help of drip irrigation, this zero-scape requires little to no maintenance.

To complement the home’s contemporary style, we chose the naturally stunning beauty of this xeriscape and pavement for increased parking space as well as it’s overall curb appeal.

The linear pavement of the expanded driveway is the most unique feature of this landscape. In an artful way, it leads guest right to the front door. Hickory creek gravel surrounds the mosaic of grays and sands in the linear pavement, mirroring tones of the arid fauna (land having little to no rain).

This home’s front entrance was accentuated with strong, tall potted cacti within Mexican blue pebbles to enrich the succulent desert palate. It also resonates with the upward-reaching design of the home.

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