Rustic Outdoor Living Room and Kitchen Project in San Diego

Rustic Garden

This Point Loma home is now the proud bearer of a magically rustic and eclectic landscape design in San Diego for luxurious outdoor living.

We took inspiration from the existing rustic elements of this secret garden to create a natural look. The key ingredients to this San Diego outdoor kitchen and living room include a lap pool, pizza oven, and shade canopy.

The backyard with patio was actively used before the rejuvenation, but only a pool and a pizza oven would make this dream landscape a reality. The main scope of work was in this side stretch of yard to create a functional kitchen area. The pizza oven was envisioned in a classic style, built on top of the exterior brick fireplace.

This homeowner had a very green thumb and wanted the eco-friendly design to echo that sensitivity in showcasing the beautiful mature plants, flowers, and fruits. The flagstone concrete on the ground rests gently on the ground like windows in a sea of green.

Utilizing the existing plant materials, we were able to build the outdoor space as a perfect complement to the surrounding fauna. While not pictured here, the client requested native plants that attract butterflies for the front of the home.

The wood decking, screening, and fence are all in the same natural wood styling, adding additional privacy from peering neighbors. The shade canopy off the house for is perfect for lounging with a friend while the BBQ is going on a hot summer day.

The lap pool was built so that it was flush with the house, creating a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. For added luxury and ease of access, a custom automatic pool cover and a jacuzzi with a sit and spin spa was added. The water spillways create a visual and auditory backdrop.

Now all that’s left to do is for the family to allow the sheer descent of water to melt away the stress of a long day at work…

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