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When you see pictures of outdoor kitchens online, they almost always look incredible.  Some of those outdoor kitchens look professional. They look perfect for barbeques and parties. Still, it is fair to wonder about how practical those outdoor kitchens are.

How useful can they be? What elements could you find in an outdoor kitchen? The home contractors, design build contractors, and custom home builders at our San Diego design build firm understand why some homeowners may not be like the idea of building another kitchen in their backyard. That is why we want to discuss outdoor kitchens in greater detail.

Get the lowdown on outdoor kitchens and backyard design ideas in San Diego here and decide if they seem like additions that bring real value to your property.

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Is Building an Outdoor Kitchen Right for You?

Before you start looking around for an outdoor kitchen contractor, take the time to consider if an addition makes sense for your home. We have highlighted the factors that matter most if you’re eyeing an outdoor kitchen.

The Size of Your Vacant Property

How much space do you have available outside of your home? Do not start dreaming about your outdoor kitchen before you confirm that it is feasible to build one on your lot. Between your garage and garden, there may not be enough room to squeeze a kitchen in there. You could always clear more space, but that itself is a major undertaking.

Make sure you have the space needed before you proceed with the project. Avoid disappointment by taking that step first.

The Size of Your Indoor Kitchen

People tend to build outdoor kitchens for one of two reasons. The first reason is they want to use that new addition for entertaining guests. The other is because their indoor kitchen lacks size.

Working inside a small indoor kitchen can be uncomfortable and even dangerous at times. If you can start cooking more outside, that seems like a good alternative. On the other hand, you may not need a kitchen outdoors if the one you have inside is already pretty spacious.

The Climate in Your Area

The climate must factor into your decision-making process if you are interested in building an outdoor kitchen. Building an outdoor kitchen when you get a lot of rain or snow in your area does not seem like the best move. Look into expanding your indoor kitchen instead if that is the case.

What Type of Outdoor Kitchen Do You Want?

After weighing the different factors, you have decided that building an outdoor kitchen is a sensible move. We at Eco Minded Solutions can help you with that, but what kind of kitchen do you want? Outdoor kitchens come in a wide range of styles. Browse through the available options and see if certain designs catch your eye.

An Extension of Your Home

When designing your outdoor kitchen, look at your home exterior. Look at the materials used to make up the exterior wall of your home and consider using them to construct your outdoor kitchen. The idea behind doing that is to create continuity. You want there to be a strong connection between your outdoor kitchen and your home. It is a nice touch that can add considerable visual appeal to your San Diego property.

Dedicated Cooking Spot

If space is limited outdoors, you can opt to downsize the kitchen you are building there. Carve out some room for your preferred piece of culinary equipment and maybe install a sink nearby. That is about it in terms of your outdoor kitchen.

Going with such a limited setup may seem unnecessary, but it could be helpful if your indoor kitchen is already cramped. Having an additional cooking surface or two located outside will help if you have plenty of guests over.

Patio Maximization

Your patio may already be a suitable spot for relaxing, but you can still get more out of it. Build a kitchen close by, and you can transform your patio into an ideal dining and cooking area.

The great thing about that arrangement is it allows you to converse with your guests while you are cooking. They can even try grilling themselves if they are up for it.

Outdoor Kitchen with a Modern Aesthetic

Outdoor kitchens do not need to be limited in terms of appliances. You can tell us about the appliances you want installed outdoors. If there is enough space there, we will install those appliances. With all those modern appliances in place, your outdoor kitchen will start to look different. The distinctive designs of those appliances set against the backdrop of your yard can create some striking contrast.

The result is a beautiful combination of varying aesthetics. If that sounds like something you are interested in, let us know and we will start building it on your property.

Outdoor Bar and Grill

No one said that your outdoor kitchen should only be for creating delicious dishes. Add a home bar to your San Diego outdoor kitchen, and you will soon have many friends and neighbors asking if they can drop by to hang out.

Your new outdoor setup will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood. Do not be surprised if your home becomes the headquarters for more than a few celebrations soon.

Which Elements Must Be Included in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Certain elements need to be present in any outdoor kitchen. Remember to include them in your design plans.

  • Cooking Equipment – There are different pieces of equipment that can be used for cooking outside. You can go with a grill, a stove, or a pizza oven. Fire pits are also an option for those who want to do some serious cooking.
  • Kitchen Sinks – It is hard to have a functioning kitchen if you do not have a sink nearby. There are different kinds of sinks for you to choose from. Find the one that is going to work best in your yard.
  • Outdoor Refrigerator – Walking in and out of your home to get items from your refrigerator while you are cooking outdoors gets tiring quickly. Install a small outdoor refrigerator so you can keep cooking without interruptions.
  • Garbage Can – Similar to the refrigerator, you do not want to keep walking in and out of your home to dispose of some garbage. Place a garbage can next to your outdoor kitchen for convenient disposal. Also, make sure that the garbage can you are using does not open or tip over easily because you do not want the wind causing a mess.

An outdoor kitchen can be a wonderful addition to your San Diego home. Contact our San Diego home building company and let us know what you have in mind for your outdoor kitchen. Let’s work together to create that new and exciting addition!

Other San Diego Outdoor Kitchen Design Elements

What better way to take advantage of the San Diego weather than to build an outdoor kitchen? Enjoy creating meals outside with your family or sitting down with friends to take in a freshly cooked meal. Having an outdoor kitchen adds total convenience to your outdoor space, especially when it’s customized to your needs. Your design can include a BBQ island, built-in grills, a pizza oven, a bar, and more!

Fire Features

Though we have generally warm temperatures year-round, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of a fire on a cool night. Whether you’re seeking a stylish fire feature to add some pizzazz to your backyard design, or you’re looking for something more functional like a fire pit, our designers can make it happen.

In designing your fire feature, we consider placement, size, and type—all of which is determined by your personal preferences, as well as safety concerns. Every fire feature we design is eco-friendly so that you can enjoy the unique effect of a fire-lit space without draining too many resources.

Contact us today to schedule a fire feature design consultation in San Diego!

Water Features

Water features are beloved for the sense of peace and calm they bring. Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds add a welcome element of nature to your outdoor space. We incorporate natural materials throughout so that the feature blends in seamlessly with your existing ecosystem.

All of our water features are designed to recycle the water that they require so that they use minimal fresh water. Whether you are looking to build a small koi pond or a multi-level waterfall, our experienced designers can take your idea and bring it to life.

San Diego Hardscapes

Your backyard deserves more than just tastefully arranged plantings. In San Diego, a hardscape is a must! Patios, pergolas, pathways, casitas, decks, and more expand your usable square footage and add a great space for the kids to play or for you to host a gathering.

Create a visually stunning pathway with pavers or construct a pavilion to stay out of the sun. Whatever your outdoor space needs, we can create the custom, eco-friendly hardscape of your dreams!

Outdoor Living Spaces FAQs

Outdoor living spaces are crucial to completing any property. You can use it to add a new dimension to the property or build on the look already featured inside the home. Learning more about outdoor living spaces is important if you want to make the most out of them. Read the FAQs below to gain a better understanding of them.

What Is an Outdoor Living Space Called?

The term “outdoor living space” refers to a wide array of potential constructions you can build on your property. There are three common types of outdoor living spaces.

Patios are paved areas usually at ground level and detached from the home. You can set furniture on top of a patio and even have it covered if you so choose.

Porches usually connect to the home and always have some roof on top. You will also see posts and railings added. Those additional elements keep porches partially enclosed.

Decks also link to the home, but they lack a roof. They may also have railings to line the perimeter, but the space itself is quite wide.

What Should Be in an Outdoor Living Space?

Custom outdoor living spaces need to be comfortable. With that in mind, you should add elements that you can use while relaxing. Adding some chairs and a table makes a lot of sense. You can even get a larger table if you plan to dine outside now and then.

Hardscape elements like fire pits and fountains add personality to an outdoor living space, while plants bring much-needed life to the area. Umbrellas and other coverings keep the space comfortable. Do not forget about adding lighting so the space remains usable even at night.

What Is the ROI on Outdoor Living Spaces?

The ROI you are getting on your outdoor living spaces will vary based on the specific spaces you have. Patios offer the greatest ROI at 80%, while porches follow not too far behind at an average of 75%. If you are building a new deck, you can expect to provide a return close to 65%.

Why Choose Eco Minded Solutions for Your Outdoor Living Space in San Diego

Whatever your vision is for your San Diego outdoor space, our team at Eco Minded Solutions can make it happen. We are dedicated to creating innovative, eco-friendly designs that are completely unique to your taste and perfectly suit your needs.

From custom outdoor kitchens to eye-catching hardscaping, we can transform your space with a beautiful, eco-friendly backyard design that will make you the envy of all your neighbors! Call us at (858) 500-3179 or contact us online to set up a consultation for your outdoor living space in the San Diego area!

Our San Diego landscape architects provide landscaping design and architecture services throughout the San Diego area, including Del Mar, La Jolla, Cardiff, Encinitas, Poway, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, and the surrounding areas!

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