Where to Start When Renovating Your Home

Posted On: July 23, 2023

The property that perfectly matched your description of a dream home when you purchased it has lost its luster. Following years of wear and tear and a few accidents, your current home has become incapable of providing the comfort and relaxation your family deserves. The need to pursue home renovation has become obvious. Of course,…

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What to Consider Before Building a Home in San Diego

Posted On: July 19, 2023

Adequate preparation is a crucial component of any successful home building project. So, what does adequate preparation for a home building project entail? Answering that question will be the focus of this article. Go through the tips detailed below and use the information to plan your home building venture. The Source of Funding for Your…

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What Is Green Building?

Posted On: June 1, 2023

Green building is a construction approach that is constantly mindful of the project’s environmental impact. Every green building project aims to have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Green building projects often have features designed to optimize resources such as water and electricity to minimize their environmental impact. Many of these projects even rely…

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How Much Will Weather Impact the Construction Timeline?

Posted On: March 27, 2023

Determining the right time to start your construction project can be tricky. You must consider your availability, the schedules of everyone in your household, and whether or not your preferred design-build firm is ready to tackle the project. But what about the weather? Do you need to worry about that, too? Let’s take this opportunity…

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Design-Build vs. Bid-Build

Posted On: February 28, 2023

Design-build vs. bid-build has been a topic of great discussion in the construction industry for a long time. If it seems like that topic has made its way into general discourse as well, that is likely because more property owners are starting to see the merits of hiring design-build companies. So, which approach will work…

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House Bump Out: Create More Space with a Bump Out Addition

Posted On: November 22, 2021

Do you find that certain rooms inside your kitchen are slightly smaller than you need them to be? If so, you may want to build a bump-out addition. House bump-outs can turn out to be the perfect additions to your home. Whenever you need that extra bit of space to make a room more comfortable…

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Things That Can Go Wrong When Remodeling Your Entire Home

Posted On: November 19, 2021

Home remodeling can be beneficial in so many ways. For starters, the renovations you are making can turn your home into a more comfortable living space. You can also update your home’s design after paying for remodeling. Long-term, those renovations can also increase your home’s value. If you ever decide to sell, the renovations could…

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How to Hire a Contractor & Not Get Burned

Posted On: October 26, 2021

Everyone has heard a horror home construction story where they hired a contractor, but the team failed to deliver both quality products and services on time. Naturally, you do not want to experience this kind of nightmare, so finding the right contractor you can trust is vital. After all, you want to find a team…

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What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Posted On: September 25, 2020

What Is an ADU? Accessory dwelling units are known by many names. The terms used to refer to them can vary depending on location. Folks who live in Seattle may refer to these structures as backyard cottages while those in Australia may know them better as granny flats. If you’re a resident of San Diego,…

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What Is a General Contractor?

Posted On: June 19, 2020

For those who are trying to decide if they need to hire a general contractor for the project they have in mind, this article should prove useful. Make use of this resource to learn more about the general contractor’s job description and how they can help you out as the property owner. Without further ado,…

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