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Before you can start building your new San Diego home, you need to lay out the plans for it first. That is why the services provided by an architectural designer are so important. If the architectural plans are sound and align with your vision, then the foundation for your dream home is already laid.

Working with a wide variety of professionals will be necessary if you want to remodel or renovate your home. Aside from the general home contractors and the home builders, coordinating with an architectural designer is also a must. So, what contributions will an architectural designer make to your home building project?

What Does an Architectural Designer Do?

Think of the architectural designer as the main point of contact between you and the people who are working on a new plan for your home.

The architectural designer is supposed to gather important pieces of information from you and then communicate them to the people in charge. You should tell the architectural designer about your budget and the specific requirements you have for the project so they can relay it to the architect and the general contractor.

Architectural designers also create digital plans based on existing sketches. You will also need their help if you are trying to secure a building permit for the project.

What Is an Architectural Designer Vs. Architect?

The main difference between architectural designers and architects is their level of responsibility.

Architects are in charge of designing your home. They are the ones who will need to produce a working plan for your new or remodeled property. They must be certain that the design meets your established requirements.

Architectural designers are more focused on executing the tasks given to them by architects. To clarify things further, architectural designers work under architects. It is also worth noting that an architectural designer can only take action on a plan they created if their supervising architect provides their stamp of approval.

Top Local Residential Architects

Here at Eco Minded Solutions, we handle both the building and planning aspects of all our projects. We work as both your builders as well as your architectural designers. The green building approach of our San Diego design build firm and home building company has garnered us plenty of satisfied clients in the San Diego area. We are confident that our designs will fit your vision too.

To learn more about our residential architectural capabilities and home renovation services in San Diego, please contact us and schedule a free consultation today.

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Check Out What A Happy Homeowner Had to Say

This was my second experience working with EcoMinded and I can’t recommend them enough. In my most recent project, I redid the kitchen and only bathroom in my 100+ year old house. The team came up with a design that made the space feel so much bigger, and the construction team was fantastic to work with during the course of the project. EcoMinded has great attention to detail, and everyone on the team is responsive and will go the extra mile to make sure that their customer is happy with the finished product. I am grateful that I chose EcoMinded for this project and would make the same decision over and over again!

What Is Green Building?

Green building is the foundation of everything we do here at Eco Minded Solutions. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, green building is all about the concept of sustainability. It is about maximizing the resources that are immediately available and avoiding wasteful practices.

There are different aspects of green building that we integrate into our approach. Those aspects influence the designs we present to our clients, and we wholeheartedly believe that they improve our offerings. Learn more about those important aspects of green building below:

  • Building Using Sustainably Sourced Materials – Green building means using sustainably sourced materials. We get our materials from local providers to cut down on the carbon cost of your project.
  • Installing Efficient Fixtures – The fixtures you have in your home will greatly affect how efficient it is. When it comes to fixtures such as light bulbs, windows, or even shower heads, we always make it a point to select the most efficient ones available.
  • Utilizing the Unique Qualities of Your Property – Is your property on the receiving end of abundant natural light and wind? If that is the case, we can build it in such a way that it capitalizes on those natural resources. We will also account for other natural advantages inherent to your property while designing and building your new home.
  • Thoughtful Construction –Throughout the building process, you can count on us to responsibly handle any waste. We clean up daily and recycle what we can to further minimize the environmental impact of the project.

Why Is Green Building Important?

Is green building important? Will it make a difference if you built your home following those principles? We at Eco Minded Solutions believe that the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. We carry that conviction because we know that the benefits of green building are real and worth the trouble for everyone involved.

Check out the benefits of green building for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

Green Building Preserves Available Resources

Valuable resources like water and conventional energy are finite. We need to avoid wasting them. Failing to do so could create a scarcity that puts all of us in a compromised composition. Through green building, homes become better equipped to consume important resources. Your household is no longer wasting anything, and that is important.

With more green establishments in place, we can start preserving the pool of available resources. That can significantly lessen the environmental impact of our consumption habits.

Green Building Generates Savings

One of the reasons why some folks are hesitant to build green homes is due to the initial cost. Compared to conventional homes, green homes do tend to cost more up front.

Crucially though, green building generates savings over the long haul. Even if you are paying more for a new home initially, you can still end up saving more money because of how much you are saving on energy and water bills.

Green Building Keeps People Healthy

Architectural designers also recommend green building because it is a practice that keeps people healthy. The materials often used for green building improve air quality. They are also not threats to release harmful chemicals into the air.

The materials also excel at keeping pests out of your home. That should help you avoid any illnesses they might be carrying.

Following Your Preferred Architectural Styles

Green building is essential to the work we do at Eco Minded Solutions, but it is not the only reason why we have developed a great reputation in the San Diego area. The beautiful homes we have built have also garnered plenty of praise from the community.

Your dream home should be the embodiment of your design ideas. Let us know what style of home you are looking for, and we will bring it to life. Detailed below are only a few of the popular architectural styles in San Diego:

  • Mission Revival Style – The mission revival style has been around since the late 19th century. It is best known for its mission-shaped roof composed of red tiles and overhanging eaves. Arched doorways are also prominent elements of this classic architectural style.
  • Victorian Style – Victorian architecture is another example of how old-world style remains beautiful today. Intricate detailing truly defines this architectural style. Elements such as towers also add more character to Victorian homes.
  • Craftsman Style – Homes do not have to be elaborate to be beautiful. There is beauty in simplicity as well, and Craftsman-style homes are examples of that. Craftsman-style homes typically feature uncomplicated designs, but they do come with large porches with columns.
  • Modern Style – Featuring a classic architectural style is not your only option. You can also opt for a modern home complete with large open spaces, oversized windows, and flat roofs. Modern homes can be striking, and they possess a type of beauty that is uniquely their own.
  • Customized Style – Do you have a specific style in mind that does not necessarily fit any template? Work closely with your architectural designer and breathe life into that idea of yours. We will help you build the custom home you have always wanted.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be an Architectural Designer?

Anyone who hopes to become an architectural designer must secure a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. That is the only real requirement, but other things can bolster your credentials.

Completing an internship program will land you more interviews if you hope to become an architectural designer. Improving your proficiency with CAD programs will also turn you into a stronger candidate for job openings.

Building requires working with highly skilled workers and architectural designers. Partner up with those home building professionals by hiring us at Eco Minded Solutions.

Contact us today and let us know about your building plans. We know you are excited to start work on your new San Diego home so let’s get started on that project today!

Rethink the Architecture of Your San Diego Home

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of green building in your favorite architectural style? Eco Minded Solutions is here to help you plan and build the home of your dreams in San Diego. With our careful attention to detail and incorporating your every request, your new house will feel like home the moment you step inside.

Contact Eco Minded Solutions to start your custom home architecture design process. We are based in San Diego and serve the surrounding areas, including Point Loma, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla, and more!

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