Hawk Street

San Diego, CA

Modern, breezy, and beautiful

This idyllic Hawk Street residence underwent a comprehensive whole home remodel. The redesign showcases a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality. The outdoor space, a masterpiece in itself, houses a stunning swimming pool, inviting residents for a refreshing dip under the Californian sun.

The landscape is a testament to thoughtful design, carefully planned to offer privacy while maximizing the potential of the outdoor area. It integrates a variety of local flora, creating a vibrant green backdrop to the refreshing blue of the pool. With this remodel, the residence on Hawk Street has transformed into an exclusive retreat right in the heart of San Diego.

This property seamlessly blends modern design elements with the home’s original charm. Sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics are signatures of contemporary architecture and featured prominently in the new design, while the use of high-quality materials adds to the luxurious feel of the residence.

Project Features

Eco Minded Solutions provides innovative solutions for all remodeling and landscaping needs.
Here are some of the special features that we included in this project.
Modern Design and Architecture

This home boasts an ultra-modern design that is displayed throughout the property. Whether it's the patio area or the kitchen, modern theming and features are this space's bread and butter.

Indoor-Outdoor Harmony

Eco Minded Solutions Landscape Design and Whole-Home Remodeling ensures a flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing our clients' home and garden to seamlessly intertwine.

Space-Conscious Landscaping

Where outdoor space is limited, our landscape designers work with clients to offer the most value per square foot.

Swimming Pool and Lounge

Cooling off in the SoCal summers never looked better. Our designers specialize in creating incredible poolside environments.

Services Provided
  • Whole Home Remodel
  • Landscape Design
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  • Whole Home Remodel