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Dreaming of building a custom home? Eco Minded Solutions is a premier San Diego home builder catering to clients in Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Jolla and different areas of the county.  Our specialty includes designing and constructing homes with environmentally friendly elements both inside and out. The goal is to decrease your home’s operating costs, enhance its beauty, and allow you to enjoy your property year-round.

Contact us online to schedule a free design consultation with one of our San Diego luxury home builders. We will work closely with you to develop a custom home design that fits your lifestyle, family, and comfort needs.

Your new place of residence should reflect your design sensibilities, and that is possible through a custom home building. Every single element of it must be in keeping with your needs and preferences since you are the one making the huge investment.

Our goal at Eco Minded Solutions is to help all our clients realize the vision for their dream home they have long had. We want to make it possible for you to build exactly what you want, right down to the smallest details.

We are custom home builders that serve the San Diego area, and we know that our expertise can prove valuable to you.

The Custom Home Building Process We Follow

As home builders, we have developed a process that we believe is best for our clients. It is a process that prioritizes the client’s preferences along with building efficiently.

We detail it further in the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Property Inspection

To start the home building process, we will first pay a visit to your property. We want to see what we are working with early on and account for that in our plans.

Our inspection process is thorough. We will consider everything from the utility lines on the property to the layout of your yard. If you have trees on your property, we will also ask what you want to do with them.

A key element of our process involves thoughtful home orientation. We want to take full advantage of your property, so we will build to its strengths.

Building at the right angle can help your home can get more of that San Diego sun. Improving natural airflow is also possible if we take your home’s positioning into account.

Additional concerns related to things such as soil quality, your homeowner’s association, and even the water supply in your area will also be considered during an inspection.

Step 2: Gathering Your Design Ideas

This is your project. Our job is to help you realize your vision. We will offer suggestions, but our main objective is to execute the building plan you have in mind.

As part of our process, we will meet with you and ask about the ideas you have in mind for your home. We will talk about what specific elements you want to see.

Maybe you want an open concept kitchen or something more traditional in terms of design. Tell us if you want to follow a general design scheme or if you want something more personalized. Feel free to discuss your plans for your home’s outdoor areas as well.

After hearing your design ideas, we will discuss how feasible they are and how much they might cost. We will work together to determine how we can integrate your ideas into the final product.

Step 3: Formulating the Design

After gathering your design ideas, we can go full speed ahead with our planning process. This is the time when we start to put together concrete plans for your home.

We begin by conceptualizing the design for your home and continue to develop it from there. We make tweaks as necessary to account for the quirks of your property and any discoveries we find.

This is also the time when we gather the materials, we will be using to build your home. We will show them to you as we obtain them to get your feedback. We will move forward if you like the materials we have.

All throughout this process, we will also create renderings of our design. We will show them to you periodically, so you are fully aware of what we intend to build.

Step 4: Securing Permits and Other Important Documents

Custom home building cannot get underway until we get full clearance to do so.

First, we will apply for the different building permits that we will require. You must pay several fees before receiving building permits in San Diego.

The local government may also require additional inspections. This can be a long process, but it is also one that we at Eco Minded Solutions are familiar with. You can count on us to handle that aspect of the project.

Also, note that you require building permits even for relatively smaller projects such as accessory dwelling units. The requirements may be slightly different for an accessory dwelling unit, but you must handle them, nonetheless.

It is not only the local government that we must worry about when working on a house building project. We must also clear the project with any relevant homeowner’s association. You do not want to make a bad impression on your neighbors, so clearing matters up with them beforehand is important.

This is also the stage of the project to work on collecting all the other necessary documents related to constructing your dream home.

Step 5: Budget Identification

Now that the design process is complete and we know how much acquiring all the permits and pertinent documents costs, we can finally pinpoint the expected cost of your building project.

We will give you our best estimate of how much the entire project will cost. The actual amount may deviate based on developments and changes that we must make throughout construction, but the difference will be minimal. You can start preparing the amount needed after this step.

Step 6: Plan Execution

All that is left now is to construct your dream home. Compared to many other house builders in San Diego, we at Eco Minded Solutions can complete projects faster. That is due in large part to our diverse collection of employees and experts.

San Diego Custom Home Builders

As one of the leading custom home building companies in San Diego, we proudly offer the following services to our clients across the greater San Diego area:

Architecture Design

Our projects are known for innovative and creative design concepts, green building techniques, maximized use of space, and smart orientation to views. Each architectural project is unique to the specifics of the site, client needs, style, and budget. Our eco-friendly home builders create consistency between the inside and outdoor space, and our work ranges from modern to Mediterranean, with an emphasis on creativity and problem-solving.

Interior Design

We are dedicated to the creation of artistic, unique environments that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Our interior designers will assist you with every selection—all the way down to the bath towels. It is a priority to incorporate environmentally conscious options for long-term health and wellbeing.

Custom Home Construction

Whether it’s an empty plot of land to a complete tear-down and re-build or an interior remodel—if it can be built, we can do it. Regardless of the style, every design is inspired by you: from traditional, contemporary, and modern, to Mediterranean, “green,” and every combination in between, our San Diego home builders are here to make your custom home a reality.

San Diego custom home with a beautiful bathroom

Custom Home Builders FAQ

Do Custom Homes Cost More?

There are a number of misconceptions about the cost of building a modern custom home which can be a deterrent for those who may be working within a fixed budget. In reality, it is the choices you make for your home design and its location that will determine the price, which is based on a number of factors:

The size, location, and physical features of your chosen lot can have a significant influence on the overall cost of your home. Custom-built homes on your land in Southern California may be impacted by the soil conditions, water table, and the cost and availability of utility services to the home. Your square footage, chosen finishes, and overall design, as well as the level of experience and qualification of your chosen home builder, will also dictate the net cost.

What Is Green Home Design?

A green home is one that is built using sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient materials and building techniques. There are several elements that are specific to green home design including:


Materials for a green home design are, whenever possible, obtained from renewable, natural sources that are either:

  • Locally sourced to reduce carbon emissions during transport
  • Harvested or managed using sustainable practices
  • Locally salvaged from reclaimed materials


Every measure is taken to preserve the local ecology while paying close attention to orienting the home in a favorable position to the sun, shade, and wind patterns for maximum energy efficiency.

Design & Engineering

The performance and efficiency of the home are dependent on a number of design and engineering choices typically used for green home design, including:

  • Use of natural light
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Air quality
  • Airflow
  • Proper sizing of HVAC equipment
  • Overhangs
  • Wall thickness

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption can be dramatically reduced with the following:

  • High-efficiency doors and windows
  • Insulation
  • Insulated hot water pipes
  • Wind wraps
  • Alternative energy sources


Green home construction requires specialized knowledge and skills to meet the standards for sustainability and to maximize your investment.

Water Conservation

Drought restrictions throughout Southern California highlight the need for water conservation efforts which may include:

  • Collection and storage of rainwater
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • A gray water system

Do you want to build your own custom home in San Diego? If so, feel free to contact us at Eco Minded Solutions and ensure that your project is handled by expert home builders. Reach out to us today, so we can start discussing your vision!

Why Work with Eco Minded Solutions?

Sustainability: As the name of our company suggests, Eco Minded Solutions is dedicated to using environmentally friendly building materials and techniques to reduce your home’s impact on your surroundings while providing you with a high-quality place to live.

Customer satisfaction: We understand that building a custom home is a substantial undertaking. Fortunately, with our customer-centric approach, you can expect to be completely satisfied from start to finish. Our customer reviews are highly positive, and much of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. Our home and landscape designs have also won numerous awards since 2013, and they continue to draw attention from San Diego’s Best, the California Landscape Contractors Association, Houzz, and others.

In considering a home builder for your custom home project, you need to find someone you can trust. If you’ve been dreaming of a brand new, custom home in the San Diego area, contact our new home builders online today to get started on the design process.

Schedule a Consultation for Your San Diego Custom Home

From an empty plot of land to a complete tear-down and re-build—if it can be built, our residential general contractors can do it. Regardless of the style, your home will be inspired by you. You can go traditional, contemporary, modern, Mediterranean, “green,” and every combination in between; we’re here to make your custom home a reality.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced local San Diego custom home builder, contact us online today!

We provide services throughout the San Diego area, including Del Mar, La Jolla, Cardiff, Encinitas, Poway, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, and the surrounding areas!

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