Room Additions & Extensions in San Diego

The home you bought years ago is going to take on a different feel eventually. Perhaps due to your growing family, you may find that it is too small and in desperate need of some room additions.

A room addition or two can make a huge difference inside your San Diego home. The home contractors, design build contractors, and home builders at our San Diego design build company are ready to work on those additions when you decide you want them.

San Diego residents know all about the quality of work and the home renovation services that we provide. It would be our honor to render the same services for your house. Build the room additions your home needs and build them right by working with Eco Minded Solutions.

If you are interested in creating a home addition or extension in San Diego or the surrounding area, contact us to set up a free consultation!

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Check Out What A Happy Homeowner Had to Say

After investigating several options, I hired Eco Minded Solutions to perform a gut renovation and addition to our house. From the very beginning, they articulated the correct scope of work needed to bring forth my renovation. They handled all of the building approval process and designed the entire renovation to fit within my budget. Sarah did a phenomenal job of holding my hand through the schematic phase of design as well as the finished material selection phase. Once the project was underway, the Project Manager, oversaw the build team and all of the additional trades needed to execute the renovation. In the end, I had my dream house. The entire team Josh, Sarah, John & Marc were a delight to work with and they were respectful and incredibly skilled at their craft. I would absolutely hire them again and recommend them without reservation to anyone looking to renovate their home.

What Are the Benefits of Room Additions?

Are you still unsure if your home needs additional rooms? That is an understandable concern to have. However, there are real reasons why you should be interested in room additions.

We have listed some of the main benefits that come from building room additions below. Go through them and see how they appeal to you.

  • Sufficient Space for Everyone – A lack of free space can make a home uncomfortable to stay in. Make sure everyone in your family has the room they need by building the necessary additions.
  • Upgrading Your Current Home – You can relate the problems that affect cramped homes to the available amenities. The lack of space may have forced you to hold off on getting new appliances and necessary upgrades. It is about time you did something about that issue.
  • Giving Your Children More Privacy – Your kids probably wanted to stay next to you 24/7 back when they were toddlers. Now that they are teenagers, they would probably appreciate some privacy. Give them the privacy they are looking for by building some room additions.
  • Redesign Your Home – Over the years, your home’s design may have grown stale. It could benefit greatly from a shake-up. You can redesign your home interior with the help of some new rooms.
  • Increase Home Value – A room addition can yield fantastic return on investment. According to Home Advisor, some additions can offer a return as high as 65% if you decide to sell your property. Room additions are terrific investments because you can benefit from them even if you do not end up using them often.

The Different Types of Room Additions

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how beneficial room additions can truly be. For those interested in building additional rooms, we at Eco Minded Solutions have some suggestions. Learn more about the different types of room additions that can transform your San Diego home by reading on.


Homeowners need to know that room additions do not need to be especially large. If all you need is a relatively small amount of space to make a specific part of your home more comfortable, consider adding a bump-out.

Bump-outs can vary significantly in terms of size. Some bump-outs top out at around two feet in terms of depth. Others may extend 15 feet out away from your home. Choose the bump-out size that makes the most sense for your property.

You may be wondering how adding a space that small can make a discernible difference. We assure you that it will. That extra bit of space can provide you with the room you need for your private sauna. It could also help you create the open concept kitchen you have always wanted.

Bump-outs may be dwarfed by other room additions, but they still serve a real purpose.

Single Room Additions

There may be one type of room that you have wanted to have in your home. Maybe the room in question is one dedicated to a hobby of yours. We at Eco Minded Solutions can build that room.

Decide what kind of room you want and let us design and build it for you. If there are personal touches you want to see in your new home, tell us about them as well. A single room may suffice for your needs, so address that issue by building an addition.

Second Story Additions

The amount of space you have inside your San Diego home currently may not be enough for your family. Adding a bump-out is not going to resolve that issue, and there is also no space available for a new room.

What can you do in that scenario? One solution is to look up. Consider adding a second story to your home if you do not have enough space. Use that second story to build new rooms for your kids and maybe even use it as a storage area.

Adding a second story to an existing property can be a complex undertaking. Entrust that project to our expert San Diego home addition contractors if you want the best results.

Wing Additions

You do not always need to build up if you need more space inside your home. Homeowners also have the option of adding to the existing floors. Wing additions extend the amount of space present along a floor. Feel free to then use that added space for whichever reasons you deem fit.

Those wing additions also present you with more opportunities to decorate your home. Take advantage of that and turn your home into the jewel of your neighborhood.

Outdoor Living Areas

The outdoor area immediately surrounding your home can also be transformed. Look into building a new porch or deck and turn that part of your property into a more functional space. Add a roof over that new part of your home, and it could become your new hangout spot. Place some furniture there and enjoy the San Diego weather.

Our San Diego landscape designers and architects can also work on your landscape architecture after building those home additions. Change the view that greets you whenever you decide that you want to spend the afternoon relaxing.

Improve your San Diego home with the help of some room additions. We will handle every part of that process, and that includes designing those additional rooms. Reach out to our design build firm and we will work on all those room additions that you are eyeing.

Room Addition FAQs

Room additions can make your home more comfortable and versatile. They can also cost you a pretty penny. If you want to find out if your home can benefit from new room additions, read the FAQs below.

How Much Does It Cost to Add in a Room?

The cost of adding a room will likely be among the key factors you consider before deciding on your home renovation plans. The amount you will need to invest will vary based on the new room you want.

Standard bedrooms will cost about $50,000 each, but you will pay double that for a full-fledged master bedroom.

New bathrooms are often more affordable. If you are building one next to a new room, it will likely cost around $30,000. A large bathroom that includes a sauna, bathtub, and other high-end features will be closer to $80,000.

Kitchens are also among the more expensive room additions, but that should come as no surprise given all the fixtures and features, they include. Expect to pay at least $50,000 for a standard kitchen. The kitchens that feature many modern upgrades are around $95,000.

You can also convert an existing attic into a new room if you need more living space. Doing so will cost you about $40,000.

Are Room Additions Worth It?

Room additions can be pretty expensive. Would they still be worth it from a financial perspective? Financially speaking, room additions are safe investments. They are almost always going to generate positive value for your home.

Standard room additions can provide an ROI of up to 80 %. Returns on major additions are more modest at around 50%.

How Do I Plan a Room Addition?

If you are looking to build a room addition, you should first check if you can build the new structure you have in mind in your area. Double-check local laws and ordinances to be sure.

Once you finish that, you need to figure out your budget. Stick to your budget as best as you can. From there, you can start talking to a design and build company about your plans. Ask them to come up with some designs for you. If you find something you like that fits your budget, you can green-light the project.

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