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Eco Minded Solutions offers a complete range of home remodeling services, including extensive landscaping design and architectural contracting. Reach out today and mold your home into the perfect blend of interior and exterior living spaces—complete with stunning landscape designs.

Landscape Design

How can our Landscape Design and Construction services transform your backyard?

Our team of experts create unique outdoor living spaces that are tailored to your lifestyle. Our designs are expertly executed, ensuring that your outdoor space is beautiful, functional, and strongly connected to the home.

We Are Expert San Diego Landscape Architects

We are experts in San Diego area landscaping and regularly execute design-build landscape projects in Del Mar, Solana Beach, La Jolla, Point Loma, Encinitas, and more! Our landscape designers are experienced in Southern California outdoor living. We bring boutique care and knowledge that is unrivaled—from the design phase through project completion, we are the San Diego landscape design contractor that will transform your yard into an all-encompassing oasis.

Services Provided
  • Whole Home Remodeling
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Xeriscaping
  • Hardscaping
  • Tropical Landscaping
  • Outdoor Living

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Our Portfolio

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Uno Verde Court
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Innovative Landscape Designs​

Our San Diego landscape designers and landscape architects specialize in creating innovative and eco-conscious landscape designs. If selected, our remodeling and landscape architects will carefully assess your home and work with you to create a landscape design that is stylistically appropriate, expertly executed, beautiful, and functional.

Eco Minded Solutions has the expertise needed to create a unique landscape that is tailored to your life. We help to seamlessly incorporate landscape plans with the interior of the home, allowing your property to flow properly from room to room and beyond.

A Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Outdoor Space​

Our San Diego landscape design services create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces Using the latest technologies and techniques to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, we prioritize several important considerations when creating our outdoor spaces:

  • Using the native plants of San Diego County
  • Designing a landscape that reduces water consumption and prioritizes water conservation, ultimately leading to a landscape that requires much less day-to-day maintenance.
  • Using the highest quality materials for a sustainable and long-lasting final product

Comprehensive Features and Customization

As a boutique San Diego landscape designer and all-in-one home remodeling contracting firm, we’re here to make sure your vision is executed. Our landscape architects start a new project with the sole goal of transforming your house, front yard, backyard, patio, or garden into a fully functional, customized Southern California paradise. We’re here to make your dream backyard a reality.

Low Maintenance Landscaping in a Drought-Prone Climate

Eco Minded Solutions is dedicated to our sustainable and creative approach when designing drought-tolerant backyards. Our landscape design focuses on balance, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring your yard not only conserves water but also transforms into a beautiful outdoor retreat.

Hardscaping is the process of designing and constructing outdoor spaces with hard, natural materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. This technique is used to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, such as a patterned stone patio, crushed stone walkway, or retaining wall. It can also be used to accent great backyard features, such as an outdoor kitchen, backyard pool, and fire pit. Hardscaping is particularly suited to the Southern California climate. 

Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique that reduces water consumption and maintenance by using native plants and the strategic placement of landscape elements. The goal of a xeriscape is to use little to no irrigation or other maintenance to manage a landscape. Popular among San Diegans, due to their ability to increase drought resistance and lower water usage, the native plants of Southern California are ideal for sustainable landscapes and are resistant to local pests.

Tropical landscaping can transform your backyard into a mini vacation resort and create an oasis that transcends the familiarity of your everyday surroundings. Imagine stepping into a lush, vibrant garden adorned with palm trees that sway against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. The foliage of tropical plants, with their grand, sweeping leaves and colorful, fragrant blossoms, create an atmosphere of tranquility and exotic charm.

At Eco Minded Solutions, we also specialize in residential tropical landscape design. Providing tropical landscape design for a Southern California climate, we turn homes into a tropical paradise. Our team of experienced professionals can help you create a backyard tropical escape that perfectly fits your needs.

Additional Features

Outdoor kitchen and dining table under pergola, overlooking pool and the local canyon.

Landscape Design FAQ's

Landscape design is a comprehensive term that encompasses planning, designing, and managing your landscape renovation. Our landscape designers take you through each part of the process, ensuring that you’ll have your dream home by the end of the project.

Examples of landscape design include plants, gardens, horticultural arrangements, fountains, fire pits, artificial waterfalls, patios, and outdoor dining areas. No one element represents a full landscape design. Rather, a fully designed landscape includes all of these elements and should feel like a cohesive environment, with an all-encompassing feeling and experience.

The three main elements are:

  • Softscaping/Greenscaping: Growing and arranging grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and other vegetation.
  • Hardscaping: Building structures like fire pits and patios, while also incorporating hard natural features, like landscape boulders, crushed stone, or aesthetically pleasing gravel pathing.
  • Waterscaping: Creating water features like pools and fountains.

The plants and designs suitable for one micro-climate, like the beach in La Jolla, might not be apt for another, such as the drier climate in Rancho Santa Fe. The team at Eco Minded Solutions has been designing landscapes in San Diego County for over a decade and have the perfect landscaping solutions for your yard, city, or neighborhood.

The Mediterranean climate in San Diego County allows residents to enjoy outdoor spaces year-round, making it essential to have a peaceful retreat or outdoor entertainment area. Lot space also comes at a premium in Southern California and our San Diego-based landscape specialists get the most out of every square foot.

Landscape Architect | San Diego
Eco Minded Solutions’ team of landscape architects ensure that our clients receive stunning landscapes that are functional and thrive within Southern California

Costs are discussed upfront during our design consultation and our team will work with you to determine materials and a scope of work that fits your budget. Our focus is on delivering high-quality work that matches the luxury of your home.

Eco Minded Solutions offers free estimates and consultations for those looking to coordinate a landscape plan. As premier boutique landscape contractors, San Diego residents can ensure that the entire remodel and landscape process will be cared for and executed with the highest attention to detail.

Eco Minded Solutions’ landscape design team creates sustainable outdoor spaces using innovative and eco-conscious designs. They aim to integrate the landscape with the home through our whole home remodeling services, creating an all-encompassing, indoor-outdoor environment throughout your home. Rest assured, the Eco Minded Solutions team offers the best boutique services in landscape design | San Diego, CA