Landscape Design

Uno Verde Court

San Diego, CA

Taking a swing at outdoor putting greens

Nestled within the serene embrace of Uno Verde Court lies a backyard transformation that stands as a testament to the innovative landscape design services provided by Eco Minded Solutions.

Our team worked diligently with the client to bring their vision to life. They wanted their backyard, a once-abandoned vineyard, reimagined into an incredible chipping and putting green, complete with real grass and the rolling breaks of professional golf courses. Our landscape design experts embarked on a comprehensive design process, focusing on integrating the putting green seamlessly with the property.

The surrounding hardscape is crafted from durable materials that flawlessly blend with the grass and natural vegetation. The gravel pathway frames the green’s shape, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing access from home to turf. The surrounding retaining walls are not merely a structural necessity but an integral part of the landscape’s character. It provides a striking backdrop to the golf course while offering a robust canvas against the vibrant greens.

The complimenting xeriscape is an embodiment of water-efficient landscaping. Composed of native and drought-resistant plants that require minimal irrigation, this space is easy to maintain. Together, the landscaping frames the backyard putting green, creating a picturesque and environmentally considerate outdoor living space.

Whether we install a putting green in your own backyard or contract for a whole home remodel, Eco Minded Solutions is dedicated to creating fun spaces that are both sustainable and stunningly beautiful.

Project Features

Eco Minded Solutions provides innovative solutions for all remodeling and landscaping needs.
Here are some of the special features that we included in this project.
Hardscape Design

Hardscaping is the process of designing and constructing outdoor spaces with hard, natural materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. Eco Minded Solutions specializes in using hardscape design for Southern California homes.

Xeriscape Design

Popular among San Diegans due to its ability to increase drought resistance and lower water usage, xeriscaping is a technique that reduces water consumption and maintenance by using native plants and strategic placement.

Outdoor Putting Greens

Eco Minded Solutions builds custom backyard features for every type of homeowner. If you need to sink a couple of putts, we can design a space that helps you do that.

Pool and Lounge Area

Cooling off in the SoCal summers never looked better. Our designers specialize in creating incredible poolside environments.

Services Provided
  • Landscape Design

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