Our Design and Build Process

Eco Minded Solutions employs a design/build approach to offer our clients the benefits of a fully consolidated and seamless project executed by a team of designers and builders invested in a common purpose from the outset.

The design/build method is based on the ancient concept of a master builder who accepted full responsibility for designing and constructing a project from conception to completion. Our goal is to make every project real through a collaborative process. We provide ultimate project efficiency to our clients through our design/build team’s collective knowledge of innovation, problem solving, budgeting, and scheduling.

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Benefits of Design Build Construction

  • Single Responsibility – The design/build approach provides design/engineering and construction under a single contract. This gives the owner greater control over the entire design/build process and reduces financial risk by contracting with a single company that is unconditionally committed to the success of the project.
  • Early Cost Identification – Design/build contractors, working closely with the client, can accurately conceptualize the completed project at an early stage. Because the design and building teams work concurrently, we are able to project the construction costs and schedule far sooner than normally possible with a more traditional designer-and-contractor approach. This also enables you as the client to decide to have construction proceed with full knowledge of the project’s final cost and scope of work.
  • Value Engineering – Having design, architecture, and constructional personnel work as a team compounds the value of the project while simultaneously reducing costs and time schedules. With these two vital components bringing their expertise into all aspects of the project, they can evaluate alternative systems, materials, and methods efficiently and accurately
  • Efficiency – Since the design and construction processes can be overlapped for streamlined delivery, bidding periods and redesign time are eliminated and purchases that require a long lead time can be made early on in the design phase. The total project duration is significantly reduced, resulting in earlier utilization and superior total project economics.
  • Quality Enhancement – Design/build services inherently provide higher quality than the separate, often conflict-ridden designer/contractor approach. Because the designer and builder share the responsibility for the final product, they are motivated to build with quality, on time, and within budget. Design/build eliminates the traditional finger-pointing among the architect, engineer, and contractor, and it allows resources and attention to be productively focused on cost-effective solutions that reflect the best value, eco-friendliness, and quality.

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Why Choose Eco Minded Solutions as Your Expert San Diego Design/Build Company?

At Eco Minded Solutions, we’re motivated by sustainability and style. That’s why, in all of our design/builds, we use the most eco-friendly processes and materials available while also achieving a stylish and functional space that fits your vision. With over 60 highly skilled workers on our team, we have the knowledge and the expertise to accomplish exactly what you’ve been envisioning. With every client and every project, we strive for exceptional quality and beautiful results. That’s why your San Diego neighbors turn to us for their eco-friendly design/build needs.

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Check out what one of our recent Houzz customers had to say about our design/build services:

“We got estimates from two design/build landscaping firms and Eco Minded Solutions was the clear winner because they listened to our vision and provided a design that met that vision. From the first day of construction they were on time and great to work with. We’d highly recommend their team, from design through construction project management. As a Project Manager in the construction industry, I feel that I have a perspective and expectation that some might not. That being said, they were great from start to finish!”

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