Muir Avenue

Point Loma, CA

Cozy, functional, and luxurious landscaping

This Muir Avenue home boasts a comprehensive landscape design remodel that transformed both the front and back yards into a series of tiers, each exuding a distinct ambiance.

The front yard welcomes visitors with lush, tiered garden planters that set the tone for the rest of the property. The backyard is a haven of relaxation and entertainment, boasting a custom play structure for the young ones, a cozy fire pit for evening gatherings, custom lounge areas, and eco-friendly water features that add a touch of tranquility. For those who look to take advantage of the beautiful San Diego weather, the wood pergola-covered outdoor kitchen and dining area offers the perfect cooking and dining experience. A custom vegetable garden also awaits, promising fresh produce right at home.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of San Diego, we integrated a mix of plant life and hardscape elements into this cozy space. Sustainability is at the core of our designs, and this project is no exception. We incorporated xeriscaping techniques and native plants to ensure minimal water use without compromising on aesthetics—this includes having water features that use excess water. The result is a landscape that is both eco-friendly and visually stunning.

Project Features

Eco Minded Solutions provides innovative solutions for all remodeling and landscaping needs.
Here are some of the special features that we included in this project.
Cozy and Luxurious Landscaping

We specialize in landscape design with limited space. Transforming both the front and back yards into a series of tiers allowed the separation of the yard into distinct spaces with plenty of character and uses.

Versitile Hardscaping

With several patios, a full kitchen & dining area, fire pit, and additional water features, this space is a great example of versatile hardscaping. All of these spaces provide distinct feels and serve numerous purposes

Custom Playground

This yard boasts a custom play structure for the young ones, complete with a swing, slide, climbing wall, and monkey bars—your children will be able to spend hours here!

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

Eco Minded Solutions landscape designers offer a wide range of services for outdoor kitchens, including BBQ islands, a backyard bar, fire features, lighting, and water features.

Services Provided
  • Landscape Design

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